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Throughout the summer, from July 1 to August 27, 2023, the editorial staff of your Top Santé magazine will present the Health Book column on France Inter. Choosing the right sunglasses, the essentials of the summer first aid kit… You will find all our advice during the morning broadcast on weekends for a total of 18 chronicles!

All weekends from 1er July to August 27, 2023your magazine Top Health will be present on France Inter to animate the column Health book ! The 18 chronicles will be presented by our journalists, Céline Augier and Christelle Mosca-Ferrazza.

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The opportunity to find the top tips from our editorial staff in order to continue to take care of you during the summer holidays.

The first two chronicles broadcast on Saturday 1er and Sunday July 2 on France Inter are already available on replay if you missed them!

In the first, Christelle Mosca-Ferrazza explains how choose the right sunglasses for leisure activities and outdoor sports. The second was hosted by Céline Augier and presents the essentials to take with you in your summer SOS kit.

Summer sores: what are the essentials to take in your suitcase?

It must be adapted to your state of health and your destinationrecalls Céline Augier in the column broadcast on Sunday July 2, 2023. Liquid products are not recommended to avoid the risk of leakage “.

She recommends disinfectant for sores, a few compresses, plaster, sterile dressing and another compression band in case of strain. ” Don’t overlook second-skin thinking to prevent and treat bulbs “, adds the journalist. It’s pretty effective, especially if you’re planning on hiking.

Also think about Arnica to promote resorption in case of bruising, liquid antiseptic and of course your sun care. Céline Augier recalls the importance of equipping yourself with a sun protection SPF 50an after-sun milk, a cream to treat burns and sunburn such as Aloe Vera or Biafine and an anti-itch ointment.

For the more adventurous, arm yourself with a physiological serum in case of sand in the eyes!

Are you packing your suitcase? Find the full chronicle on France Inter!

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