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Accompanied by dietician Marie-Laure André, Emilie Godineau, journalist for Top Santé, speaks from Roland Garros, in the program Bienfait pour vous! The topic covered? Weight loss. This is an opportunity to echo the file Everything that prevents us from losing weight, to be found in the latest issue of Top Health, available on newsstands!

Most of us are looking for the ultimate solution to lose weight permanently (without too much effort if possible!). Unfortunately for us, there is no miracle recipe and everything does not always depend on the content of our plate… even if it will have a lot to do with it.

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How to lose weight without doing a destructive diet?

Since Roland Garros, For European 1Emilie Godineau, Top Health journalist, takes the floor and bounces on the file Everything that prevents us from losing weight, (latest issue of Top Santé on newsstands). She evokes solutions aiming to rethink its organization and its meals and recalls how essential it is to take the time to eat and chew. All with the advice of Marie-Laure André, dietitian-nutritionist.

Slimming: what is holding us back?

We often think of counting the calories. However, not everything is always played out on the plate.

This is by no means the only parameter. Some have different reasons for weight gain. It can be by stressTHE lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle…What will be important is to identify the problem and see what we can do to improve it », introduces Marie-Laure André for Europe 1.

The arrival of summer is often conducive to a renewed motivation: we start to eat better again hoping to erase the superfluous kilos before putting on our bathing suit.

However, the nutritionist insists on the importance of good eating habits, to adopt throughout the year. ” The idea is to put in place long-term solutions “, she believes. In fact, for weight loss to be sustainable, you have to find a balanced diet which can be adopted every day. If you start counting calories before summer, you may be able to shed pounds quickly… only to gain them back later!

Today people are fed up with the diet, they want lasting solutions “Adds Marie-Laure André, before recalling that overweight has increased enormously in France.

The reasons ? In addition to the physical inactivity, stress and lack of sleep that our modern lifestyles often entail, people tend to consume more’processed and ultra-processed foods.

Learning to make better food choices and reviewing your lifestyle and habits can be key if you need to lose weight.

This is the whole subject of this program, available on Europe 1!

For more information, find the file Everything that prevents us from losing weightIn the latest issue of Top Santé, available from your newsagent.

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