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For many of us, the start of the holidays is often accompanied by various minor ailments ranging from colds to migraines. Is it just a matter of bad luck? Doctor Jean-Christophe Nogrette answers.

The sun is shining, the sand is warm and your professional absence message is well set up. In short, you are on vacation, and everything would be fine if you had not fallen ill as soon as you arrived on the coast. Which happens to you almost every year, like many people.

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But why ? Because you miss work. Well, not exactly…

Less stress = more disease?

First of all, know that the causes of this phenomenon are not, according to Jean-Christophe Nogrette, ” not extremely clear “. However, the doctor notes that “ the change in the pace of life most likely leads to a small immune dip. »

Is stress therefore a health asset? No, of course, but let’s say it makes many hormones that make it more resistant. he continues. “ You are full ofadrenaline and cortisone, in a state ofhypertension, you urinate and sweat less, all the energy is concentrated in the muscular apparatus and nervous reactivity… basically, you are in a fight or flight situation. Because physiologically, the human body remembers the period when we didn’t have all the security we enjoy today… »

That said, it all depends on how stressed you are on a daily basis and “ It is usually about migraine or small pathologies that disappear in 24 to 48 hours adds Dr. Nogrette. The best way to avoid them? ” Maybe deal with a few emails the first day of vacation, then a little less the next day etc. A degressive process, in short, to avoid sudden change. »

The role of allergies

Another common phenomenon in summer: the allergies. Either seizures seasonal and situational, which occur incidentally during the holidays when we change our environment and find ourselves, for example, in an old house when we are allergic to mold. Or when exposed to field grasses. “A problem absolutely not physiological therefore … but which is badly timed.

That said, all this is not a reason to give up on your vacation. Far from there. Summer is coming, take advantage of it, this little summer disruption will be temporary!

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