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When you stop smoking, the lack is felt more cruelly at certain times. The morning cigarette with coffee, for example, when it becomes just a memory. So how to manage this moment? Our answers.

For heavy smokers, quitting tobacco causes many upheavals in relation to their previous habits. The morning cigarette can create a real lack, in particular by its ritual character: it is the one you take with your coffee to face the day for example. And the sign of a very strong addiction ! It is therefore the most difficult to replace.

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Remember that it is the most dangerous Also. In 2013, American researchers from Penn State University in Hershey pointed out in a study that smokers who light their first cigarette within 5 minutes of waking up see their lung cancer risk increase by 50% compared to those who wait an hour. This morning reflex is easily explained and goes beyond the framework of a habit.

The night deprives the smoker of his dose of nicotine and acts as a temporary withdrawal ” precise Olivier Smadja, tobacco specialist. Fortunately, there are solutions to not suffer too much.

Have you ever tried the patches?

24-hour nicotine patches, for example, are indicated in this specific case. The night allows the nicotine to diffuse continuously but without the risks of smoking, and when you wake up, you will have had your “dose”. This process works very well, there is also a 16h version. Just stick it on her skin before going to bed adds the specialist.

However, there are cases ofintolerance to patches. In this case, the solution consists in favoring oral forms. ” When you wake up you can take a nicotine gum, a lozenge or a spray, and you get the dose of nicotine that smokers lack “says the tobacco specialist.

Change your morning rituals

Apart from these solutions, it is also necessary to consider the character ritual morning cigarette. If we used to consume it with our coffee as part of a morning routine, the order of this routine must be modified. ” This is to prevent the nicotine call from not being as loud explains Olivier Smadja. Clearly, for example, you can take a shower before your coffee instead of doing the opposite, try other hot drinks than coffee, take a brisk walk outdoors after your shower, etc… In other words, relax other than with a cigarette.

Avoid alcohol the night before

ultimate precision, avoid drinking alcohol the day before. ” It seems boat and seen everywhere, but you should know that alcohol calls for the consumption of tobacco says the expert. Finally, if quitting smoking proves to be too complicated, do not hesitate to turn to Tabac info service. In addition to the contact details of tobaccologists who will follow you and personalize each consultation, you can download a specific application to support you in this difficult, but oh so beneficial resolution.

Thanks to Olivier Smadja, tobacco specialist in Paris

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