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A large study shows that after the age of 60, people on statins or other drugs against cardiovascular disease should take vitamin D supplements to further reduce the risk of heart attack.

Prevention of breast cancer, reduction of the risk of fibroids or osteoporosis: there are many reasons to take vitamin D. A large study carried out by researchers from the Queensland institute of clinical research (Australia) shows that a Vitamin D supplementation reduces heart risk in people over 60 years old.

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For this study, conducted from 2014 to 2020, researchers followed 21,315 Australians aged 60 to 84 who were randomly given either a 60,000 IU vitamin D capsule or a placebo (10,653 participants) taken intravenously. oral. All swallowed their capsule at the beginning of each month, for 5 years. And during the 7 years of follow-up, the researchers tracked hospital admissions and eventual deaths to identify major cardiovascular events, including heart attacks, strokes, and coronary revascularization (treatment to restore blood flow normal to the heart).

Fewer heart attacks but no difference for stroke

At the end of their study, the scientists found that:

  • The rate of major cardiovascular events was 9% lower in the group receiving vitamin D compared to the placebo group (i.e. 5.8 fewer events per 1,000 participants).
  • The heart attack rate was 19% lower in the vitamin D group.
  • The rate of coronary revascularization was 11% lower in the vitamin D group.
  • There was no difference in stroke rate between the two groups.

“This protective effect may be stronger in those taking statins or other cardiovascular medications initially,” adds Bridie Thompson, lead author of the study. They suggest that further studies be conducted in these patients.

Source : Vitamin D supplementation and major cardiovascular events: D-Health randomized controlled trialBritish medical journal, June 2023

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