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Should we do violence to ourselves and immediately run 20 km when we start running or when we get back to it? Not really, and osteopath and sports doctor Gilles Mondoloni explains it to you.

Beautiful days are coming. This is an opportunity for many French people to (re)start running. But like any sporting activity, running requires adaptation phase. Of course, there is no question of doing half-marathons right away, at the risk of disgusting you and/or injuring yourself. On the contrary: show, as in all things, moderation, and take care of your mount.

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What time to exercise to burn the most fat?

15 to 20 minutes at first

The ideal is to start with about twenty minutes or half an hour of fast walk to see how your body reacts explains Gilles Mondoloni. ” If you are well, with poles or not, at the end of this period, you can consider moving on to running. »

At the start, take a short 15 to 20 minute outing at low speed. ” That is to say at 8 or 9 km / h, always to see how it goes. If all goes well, you can, 3 or 4 days later, increase to 17 minutes, then gradually increase the duration to 30 or 40 minutes over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. »

From how long of running do we lose weight?

A window in which you can also begin to increase your running speed, keeping in mind that if you are running primarily to lose weight, ” it is better to increase the duration rather than the intensity. It is she who counts above all. We also start to lose from 40 minutes of racing. Before, it is above all the heart that works. »

Run little, drink a lot

The idea, by going piano, is also to avoid various traumas. ” Start by running on flat ground and warming up well, but without stretching too much so as not to damage your tendons. In addition, remember to drink a lot before and after the effort to reduce the aches. Or muscle micro-oedemas which, whatever happens, appear when one produces an unusual physical effort.

And above all, as the doctor reminds us: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Run when you feel good and if you ever get tired, don’t go. At least at the start. And who knows, maybe you’ll be running a marathon soon?

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