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Incarnation of the perfect woman, the “cool girl” puts her own mental health at risk… Explanations.

Do you know what a “needy girl” is? This label (obviously born and disseminated on social networks…) designates a woman “emotionally very dependent on their partner, so much so that it can affect the quality of the romantic relationship“. On Instagram and on Tik Tok, the “needy girls” are of course the object of ridicule, without consideration for their mental health.

At the other end of the spectrum of stereotypes is the “cool girl”. This one is relaxed in all circumstances: she is in love with her partner “but-not-too much”, she is neither jealous nor possessive, she is interested in activities traditionally qualified as “masculine” (football, games video…), she is never depressed, while always being well dressed and well made up. In short, it is the incarnation of the perfect girl!

Repressing your emotions… even if it means losing your mental health

Yes, but here it is: on social networks, voices are beginning to rise to denounce the impact of “cool girl syndrome” on the mental health of women.

My problem is that when I meet new partners, I want to please them at all costs, so I pretend to be someone I’m not.” says, for example, a young woman on TikTok. “At night, I wait for my partner to fall asleep to cry in silence, I don’t want him to hear me, I want him to keep thinking I’m cool!another explained.

Except that by repressing their emotions to look “cool” in the eyes of men (because of course it’s about seduction), “cool girls” can develop mental health problems – from depression, mood disorders, even anxiety and depression. Not “cool” at all…

Source : TikTok

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