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Lazy in bed all day: this is the latest trend on social networks. And for once, it may not be totally absurd…

Trends on TikTok follow each other but are not alike: while some are frankly stupid (eating stones, pinching your cheeks violently, rubbing your skin with pickle juice…), others are simply surprising.

This is the case of “bed rotting” (literally translate: “rotting in bed”), the latest trend. On social networks, videos of teenagers and young adults lazing in their beds are multiplying: followers of “bed rotting” film themselves watching series, nibbling on junk food, scrolling on their phones or… just sleeping.

Get out of the world, temporarily

If, at first, we would be tempted to judge “bed rotting” harshly, one question remains: is it yet another trend without the slightest deep meaning, or rather a reaction to the evolution still fastest in the world?

Because personal development coaches are unanimous: when things go “too fast” in our lives, the best reaction is to get out of the world, temporarily, time to recharge… Can “bed rotting” therefore be considered a wellness tip?

But beware: “rot in bed” from time to time, why not. But bed rotting should never become a daily habit. Indeed, in the long run, this practice could harm both physical and mental health, as explained on TikTok by Dr. Jessi Gold (professor of psychiatry at Washington University in Saint-Louis, United States) – with repercussions on the quality of sleep, on self-esteem, on the regulation of emotions, on the risk of depression…

Source : TikTok

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