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Ice cream has many fans in summer. To the chagrin of our balance! However, it is possible to limit the damage by making the right choice. Top Santé takes stock with Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist.

During the summer season – and for some, all year round – the ice cream gladly invite themselves to our tables. Whether it’s a dessert on the terrace or a snack during an afternoon at the beach, ice cream attracts gourmets looking for a refreshing break…To the point of forgetting that these last are not the allies of the silhouette!

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What are the differences with sorbets?

It’s a fact, they are rich in sugar and in fatwithout forgetting the multiple additives which some brands use to improve their taste. Ice cream should therefore be consumed in moderation.

It is however possible to have fun – provided that it remains occasional. Raphaël Gruman, nutritionisthelps us make the right choice.

Ice cream, water ice cream, sorbets… What is the best choice?

We distinguish the ice creams ice-creams. Particularly calories, ice creams are very creamy and contain at least 5% milk fat. “ They are obtained by freezing a mixture of milk, cream and sugar as well as other ingredients depending on the flavor chosen. », explains our expert. Ice cream is the worst choice from a nutritional point of view. Especially those that are embellished with coulis, pieces of cookies or pecans. For example, there are more than 250 kcal for certain specialties such as Haagen-Dazs.

THE ice cream are, for their part, made with a pasteurized mixture of milk or egg-based ingredients, ingredients of plant origin and/or gelatin and sugar, flavored with fruit. If the Magnum are often unanimous, it is better to circumvent them. Count approximately 150 calories for a 60 ml stick, and 260 kcal for a classic magnum.

THE popsicles are a lower calorie alternative compared to ice cream. However, they remain very sweet. They contain fruit, water and sugar.

THE sorbets fruit are the best choice, as they must contain at least 25% fruit according to the DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control).

Discover in pictures our selection of the best choices of ice cream in summer!

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