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Santé Publique France has just published its barometer of alcohol consumption in France. We learn that one in 5 adults exceeds the recommended limit of two glasses a day. And that we drink more in some regions than others.

More than one in five French adults in mainland France (22%) exceed the recommended alcohol consumption limits, according to figures that Public Health France has just published in its Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin. A figure down slightly from 2020 (it was 23.7%).

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“This decline is observed mainly among the youngest and oldest men” underline the health authorities. The pandemic context could have reduced the festive occasions for the former, while the latter could have limited the convivial moments conducive to consumption to prevent possible contamination with Covid-19. These hypotheses cannot be verified via the France 2021 Public Health Barometer survey, but

“It will be important to follow the evolution by age group to see if these trends are confirmed as the crisis subsides, especially since alcohol consumption among minors is following a downward trend. been declining for several years.

It should be noted that among women, alcohol consumption remains stable.

Exceeding the limits, what is it?

According to Public Health France, the most frequently exceeded recommendation is that of “2 glasses maximum in one day ” (17.8% of consumers do not follow it.

Then follow the recommendations of “10 glasses per week” (exceeded by 8.1% of consumers), and finally that of “5 days a week” (exceeded by 7.1% of alcohol consumers). “Only the proportion of adults exceeding 5 days of consumption per week decreased significantly between 2020 and 2021” we learn in the BEH..

We drink more in Pays-de-la-Loire and Brittany

The Public Health France barometer highlights some regional disparities. Thus, the proportion of adults aged 18 to 75 who exceed the alcohol consumption benchmarks are higher than the metropolitan average in:

  • Brittany
  • Pays de la Loire
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

On the other hand, consumption is lower than the metropolitan average in Ile-de-France and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

The decrease is observed especially among the youngest and the oldest:

Source : BEH n° 11, June 13, 2023, Public Health France

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