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The vegan diet implies a diet that excludes the consumption of any product of animal origin. A journalist from Glamor magazine (UK), Anna Barder, has just shared the effects of this diet that she followed for a month. Insight.

The vegan -or vegan- diet excludes the consumption of animal flesh (meat, fish, seafood). Unlike the vegetarian diet, it also prohibits eggs, dairy products and honey.

Anne Barder, a journalist for Glamor magazine (UK), has just shared with the British press the effects of the vegan diet after following it for a month. Removing meat was not a challenge for the journalist, a long-time vegetarian. “Going vegan seemed like the next logical step for me, especially since I love animals and am fundamentally against factory farming.” She explains that she followed this diet out of curiosity “I was intrigued to see how different my body could feel without animal products.”

“What I found particularly difficult was giving up the cheese!”

For the journalist, the transition to a vegan diet turned out to be easier than expected: “As vegetarianI already don’t eat meat or fish and overall I try to eat healthy, which is why I especially consume vegetable milk rather than cow’s milk”. However, there is a product that seems to have missed him: “What I found particularly difficult was to give up the cheese Anne is from the countryside, more specifically from the Allgäu region of Germany. She explains that dairy products have always been a big part of her diet.”At home, cheese was served with almost every meal. It ranged from my beloved Kässpatzen to raclette, through good old Brotzeit, to finish the evening with spicy mountain cheese. I love Parmesan, it absolutely enhances any pasta dish“.

To follow her vegan diet, Anne ended up finding a vegan version of the cheese: “A vegan parmesan cheese is now available from ground seeds and tastes quite similar to real“. She even learned to prepare it: “You can also make it yourself from ground pine nuts, for example, which means it’s also packed with protein andFatty acids important“.

Following a vegan diet is more complicated when you eat out

Anne says that becoming vegan while living in the village where she comes from was not easy. “I live in a small town and not in a big city where you can find many vegan dishes on every corner“. To avoid discrepancies and to save money, Anne had to reduce her outings to restaurants and resolve to prepare her own dishes: “I ended up getting used to my new vegan lifestyle, and choosing the right foods in my meals almost automatically.“.

To overcome moments of weakness, Anne relied on plant-based alternatives: “If a burger craving took hold of me, I would go for vegan alternatives, preferably ones that don’t contain too many additives.”

“I lost some body fat, I also have better skin than before”

After 30 days, Anne observed very positive changes in her metabolism: “I lost some body fat, I also have better skin than before. This is largely due to the elimination of dairy products which, like sugar, can cause blood sugar spikes and thus lead to skin blemishes.“. Anne has also noticed a marked improvement in her physical performance: “After mountain hikes and long bike rides, I feel much more energetic and I recover faster”.

Today, Anne claims to have kept her new eating habits in her daily life: “I started to pay a lot more attention to food as a whole. Now I check what’s in the products I buy“. She adds : “I cook a lot more than before, being particularly careful to incorporate as many fruitsof vegetablesherbs, nutseeds, grains and legumes as possible in my daily diet“.

Follow the vegan diet, yes, but not too strictly

After a month of trying, Anne aspires to continue her vegan diet, but with certain exceptions: “A product that I will continue to consume will be honey. This is what I use to sweeten, because I am not used to consuming honey. sugar. For me, this remains the most natural way to add a little sweetness to food.“. Anne also intends to allow herself a few other “deviations” so that her diet does not become restrictive and does not hinder her social life.

If you are a healthy adult, it is possible to have a balanced diet by consuming only plant-based products. However, this does not apply to pregnant or breastfeeding women, growing children, sick or elderly people. It is strongly recommended that you seek advice from a nutritionist or dietician before starting a vegan diet.

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