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Thanks to new dietary habits, American patients with type 2 diabetes have managed to achieve remission. Explanations.

Type 2 diabetes (or T2D, a pathology that affects approximately 463 million people worldwide) is a chronic disease, which means that it is impossible (to date) to cure it completely.

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However, in some cases and as explained by the American Diabetes Association, it is possible to reach a stage of remission: in other words, blood sugar (that is to say: the blood sugar level, abnormally high in diabetics) returns to normal for a period long enough to consider that the pathology has been “silenced”.

How to go into remission when you have type 2 diabetes? A new study, carried out by researchers at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital (in the United States), underlines the importance of adopting good eating habits.

Less red meat, more fruits and vegetables, and more whole foods

The American researchers worked from medical data concerning 59 patients (aged 41 to 89) with type 2 diabetes, collected between 2007 and 2021. They discovered that in the space of 14 years, 37% of patients had managed to achieve a “partial remission” of their type 2 diabetes, that is to say a level of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) below 6.5% for at least 3 months.

Their secret? A complete diet, low in fat and mainly vegetable. To achieve remission when presenting with T2D, it would therefore be necessary to consume whole foods as a priority (wholemeal bread, wholemeal rice, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal flour, etc.), limit the sources of “bad fats” (red meat, sauces in jars, ready meals, industrial pastries, etc. and favor vegetable foods (fruits and/or vegetables at all meals, vegetable proteins, seaweed, mushrooms, etc.).

In addition, of course, patients who had reached remission from their type 2 diabetes practiced regular physical activity… Eating well and moving enough remains the key to good health!

Source :American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

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