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Type 2 diabetes affects 3.7 million patients in France. Because it can lead to very serious complications, it is essential to know how to detect it in time. Besides fatigue and thirst, other, quieter symptoms may occur. A doctor talks about it in the British press to raise awareness.

About 420 million people suffer from diabetes in the world. In France, this represents no less than 420 million people. This constantly increasing chronic disease is manifested by a resistance to insulin, which prevents the body from using glucose as an energy source. The latter accumulates in the blood and leads to hyperglycemia chronic.

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THE Type 2 diabetes Often evolves silently (without any symptoms) for several years, as blood sugar rises very gradually. Most often, the diagnosis is made by chance, on the occasion of a blood test or during a screening for diabetes. “, indicates the Health Insurance.

To prevent the risks of type 2 diabetes, it is recommended to limit the carbohydrates refined, i.e. the sugars contained in refined flour (white bread, white pasta, etc.), liquid foods that contain carbohydrates (fruit juices, sodas, etc.) and also foods rich in starch (potatoes, rice, corn). This form of diabetes is very often linked to food.

The problem ? Type 2 diabetes is often sneaky and can be long asymptomatic. To raise public awareness, Dr Greg Vida – doctor at the Harley Street Hair Clinic (London, UK) speaks to our English colleagues from The Sun and warns about unrecognized symptoms.

Diabetes can slow hair growth

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes can appear gradually, after several years of evolution:

– a frequent need to urinate, which occurs night and day, with abundant urine (polyuria);

– increased thirst (polydipsia);

– weight loss despite an increased appetite;

– severe fatigue or blurred vision;

– very slow healing of a wound.

Dr. Greg Vida, who is a specialist in hair health, warns of a whole other symptom that is difficult to associate with diabetes. However, he should put the chip in the ear. He assures that the hair loss is a little-known symptom of diabetes. Blood sugar levels that are too high can cause you to lose your hair in some cases.

Insulin releases the sugar from the foods we eat from our bloodstream to our cells to be stored or used as energy. However, diabetes can cause excessive sugar buildup in the blood.

These high sugar levels can damage blood vessels. Results, the damaged ones may not be able to supply enough oxygen to nourish the hair follicles », explains the expert.

While our normal hair growth cycle usually goes through three phases – the active growth phase, the resting phase and the shedding phase – diabetes can interrupt this normal process and slow down hair growth. “.

Due to the change in the hair growth cycle, people with diabetes can expect to lose more hair than usual, he added.

Hair loss is not always a symptom, it can also be a result. This abnormality may not be directly related to the condition. This could be a stress-related side effect following the announcement of the disease.

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