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A second brain housed in our belly, bad milk for adults… On the subject of transit disorders, we hear a lot of things, not always true. We pass 7 to the lie detector.

Avoid drinking water during meals

FAKE. Many believe it complicates digestion, but no scientific study has ever confirmed this. Conversely, hydrating food by drinking water makes it easier to assimilate.

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The belly houses 200 million neurons

TRUE. Certainly, it is far from the 90 billion neurons of the brain. But this enteric nervous system is not negligible either: it is the equivalent of the brain of a small dog! And the most fascinating thing is that it shares information with the “real” brain, the central nervous system.

Traveler’s diarrhea is caused by a change in diet

FAKE. Also called turista, traveler’s diarrhea follows the consumption of water or food contaminated, very often by the bacterium Escherichia coli. To avoid it, you must therefore be very scrupulous about hygiene, wash your hands before each meal, avoid raw vegetables, undercooked meats, shellfish, and consume only bottled water.

It takes 24 hours to digest a meal

TRUE. From the first bite to elimination, food travels 24 hours through our digestive tract.

Adults have a harder time digesting milk than children

TRUE. Milk contains a sugar called lactose, digested by an enzyme, lactase. If the infant has it naturally, over the years, the lactase factory dries up. In some adults, this can create digestive discomfort. They can then console themselves with yoghurts, whose bacteria promote digestion, and cheeses that contain very little lactose (Emmental, Mimolette, Comté, etc.).

Drinking hot is better

FAKE. For the well-being of our digestive system, it is best to drink at room temperature. Neither too hot nor too icy, because the cold slows down digestion. And if you are prone to bloating, you avoid drinking with a straw, which makes you swallow more air, and you limit carbonated drinks, which also make it worse.

A digestive after the meal facilitates digestion

FAKE. In fact, it’s even the opposite! To help our digestive system do its job well, it is better to opt for a herbal tea.

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