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INSEE has just unveiled its traditional ranking of the most popular first names for babies born in 2022.

As every year, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies has just revealed the ranking of the most given first names in 2022. Two Top 10 (that of boys and that of girls) which indicate the current trend and also give ideas for future parents who remain undecided.

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Among the girls: Jade, Louise and Ambre

Among girls, first names ending in A are always popular since Alba, Lena, Anna and Lina are placed respectively in 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th position in the ranking of the most popular female first names. It should also be noted that Alma (which is in 17th position in the national ranking) was the female first name most given to little girls born in Paris in 2022.

But it is the Jade, Louise and Ambre who occupy the first 3 places of this top 10 in which we also find Rose (6th position), Alice (7th) and Romy (8th).

Among the boys: Gabriel, Léo and Raphaël

Among the boys, the top 3 remains unchanged compared to 2021: it is still Gabriel, Léo and Raphaël who top the top 10. They are followed by Maël (4th position), Louis (5th), Noah (6th) , Jules (7th), Arthur (8th), Adam (9th) and Lucas (10th).

The choice of first name is not so trivial as that

Although choosing a name sounds like a test of creativity, parents don’t know that their choice will influence how others view a person and what that person is most likely to become. “Because a first name is used to identify an individual and to communicate with him on a daily basis, it serves as the very basis for the idea that we have of him, in particular concerning others” explains Professor David Zhu, researcher in psychology of names at the University of Arizona (USA).

Even when it does not appear like a burden to others, our first name can exert a heavy influence on us, because it bears witness to the conscious and unconscious desires of those who gave it to us.

“It carries their desire, their project for us. Likewise, it is heavy to bear the first name of a deceased older brother or sister and to exist, not for oneself, but as a substitute for another” explains Dr. Stéphane Clerget, child psychiatrist.

“Each of us could ask his parents how they chose his first name. What model did they refer to? What message did they want to convey? And the less the intention of the parents, the more the child has freedom” adds the child psychiatrist.

Source :First names in 2022, Civil StatesInsee, July 2023

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2/8 –

Louise in 2nd and Ambre in 3rd position
The first name Louise was given to 3412 babies and the first name Ambre to 3380 newborns.

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3/8 –

Alba in 4th and Emma in 5th position
The first name Alba was given to 3280 babies and the first name Emma to 3158 newborns.

© Insee Source: Insee, first name file 2022

4/8 –

The ranking of first names given to girls in 2022
Then come from 6th to 10th place: Rose, Alice, Romy, Alma, Lina

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5/8 –

Gabriel tops the boys standings
Gabriel is the most given name to boys in 2022: it has been given to you 4889 times.

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6/8 –

Léo in 2nd and Raphaël in 3rd position
The first name Léo was given to 4078 babies and the first name Raphaël to 3798 newborns.

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7/8 –

Maël in 4th and Louis in 5th position
The first name Maël was given to 3571 babies and the first name Louis to 3560 newborns.

© Insee Source: Insee, first name file 2022

8/8 –

The ranking of first names given to boys in 2022
Then come, from 6th to 10th position: Noah, Jules, Arthur, Adam and Lucas.

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