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Irritation following the friction of the thighs is a phenomenon that affects many people, especially when temperatures rise in summer. Fortunately, there are solutions to prevent and treat them.

Heat, perspiration, specific morphology of certain women (unrelated to being overweight)… there can be different causes for chafing of the thighs. But the result is often the same: irritation and/or itching, which can be painful. Fortunately, if you are prone to this phenomenon or if you fear suffering from it, there are some solutions to prevent chafing of the thighs or relieve irritation if it has already appeared.

Creams to prevent chafing of the thighs

To avoid irritation that can cause the friction of the thighs in hot weather (among other things), here are some tips, starting with anti-irritation products. In stick or cream, they will protect and limit friction with their formulas containing lubricating and/or nourishing active ingredients.

ACM Trigopax Protective Care

Here is a cream that can be used to prevent irritation. Its light formula rich in Amihope (with strong lubricating power) remains on the surface of the skin to limit friction and maceration. But the product also works to soothe and repair if the skin is already irritated.

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Akileine Anti-Chafing Nok Cream

Well known to athletes, the Akiléine brand also offers a cream to prevent irritation. Enriched with shea butter, it softens, moisturizes and protects skin subject to friction. And this is valid for the thighs that rub but also to prevent blisters on the feet and any other area that could be subjected to painful friction. Little tip: in case of intense friction, do not hesitate to apply a second coat of product.

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Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick

Fragrance-free and in a convenient format to slip into your bag for a touch-up during the day if needed, this aloe vera-based moisturizing stick helps reduce daily friction. It is to be applied as often as necessary to limit irritation and soothe the skin.

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How to treat irritation?

Are the irritations already there and making you suffer? Do not panic. Here are our favorite products to relieve pain and help heal the irritated area.

CicaBiafine anti-irritation body cream

This CicaBiafine cream, intended for dry and atopic-prone skin, aims to relieve irritation and itching by moisturizing and nourishing the treated area. Thanks to its formula enriched with avenanthramides, fatty acids and panthenol, it helps to repair the skin day after day. Its creamy texture does not leave a greasy film and it is suitable for the whole family from 6 months.

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Uriage Bariéderm restorative insulating cream

Its patented complex of two polymers, POLY-2P, helps deeply repair damaged skin. The cream, which penetrates quickly and does not stick, can also be used in prevention because it also has an insulating action on the surface to limit friction.

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Soothing lipid-replenishing balm from Saint Gervais Mont Blanc

This balm, with thermal water (repairing and healing) and active extract of organic alpine mallow (soothing and antioxidant), moisturizes and nourishes the driest skin and helps reduce redness and tightness by repairing the epidermis. Its creamy and rich texture is applied generously on clean, dry skin by massaging until absorbed by the skin.

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Other solutions to limit thigh friction

In addition to anti-friction creams and sticks, there are other tips that can sometimes be combined to help limit the unpleasant friction phenomenon. On the wardrobe side, for people in skirts, you can add a cyclist underneath to have a layer between the two thighs. It is also possible to opt for a boxer that goes down low enough to have the same effect.

If the cyclist is too difficult to support because of the high temperatures, there is also the solution of thigh bands, which are placed directly on the area to be protected. They come in different forms, from the most practical to the lace version for a sexier touch under clothing.

Another measure (of common sense) to limit the friction of the thighs after swimming: dry the area of ​​the crotch well. If the skin is poorly dried and moisture remains (plus a few grains of sand potentially), this can indeed promote irritation and redness.

A practical and inexpensive solution: baby powder. It is applied to the inner thighs to absorb moisture. Only downside: the effect is quite short and it will be necessary to repeat the operation several times during the day. The product can also leave traces on the darkest clothes.
Vaseline can also be used to moisturize and protect the skin. Here again, it is a product at a rather affordable price, but beware of the greasy effect which can also leave marks on clothes.

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