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A new study praises the merits of the Mediterranean diet and more particularly of the plants it contains. These would be able to rejuvenate the brain in addition to causing weight loss. This is the finding of a study conducted by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Morocco).

THE mediterranean diet is unquestionably one of the healthiest ways to eat. Against heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cholesterol or diabetes… this diet is a godsend for your health and many studies have already proven it.

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The Mediterranean diet, ranked best diet in 2023

A news research conducted by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Morocco), has just demonstrated that this diet to be beneficial for brain and weight loss.

The researchers particularly recommend what they call the green Mediterranean diet: it would be a matter of favoring plant proteins and whole unprocessed plants.

Patients rejuvenated their brains by 9 months compared to their brain age

To arrive at this result, the research team relied on medical records as well as brain scans of 102 obese people. The study published in e-life 1er June 2023 showed that not only followers of the green Mediterranean diet lost 1% of their weight, but above all, they rejuvenated their brains by 9 months (relative to their brain age).

This process was associated with other positive changes, such as reduced liver fat and liver enzymes. “ Increased liver fat and the production of specific liver enzymes have previously been shown to negatively affect brain health and are conducive to Alzheimer’s disease “, explain the authors in a press release published on June 1, 2023.

Green Mediterranean diet: how to adopt it?

The green Mediterranean diet relies on unprocessed plant foods rich in plant protein. We quote the vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and olive oil.

Our study highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including reduced consumption of processed foods, sweets and beverages, in maintaining brain health says author Dr. Gidon Levakov.

We were encouraged to find that even a 1% weight loss was enough to affect brain health and lead to a 9 month reduction in brain age. “, adds Professor Galia Avidan, co-author of the study.

Besides the benefits on the brain, the Mediterranean diet is known for its health benefits. cardiovascular. If doctors recommend the Mediterranean diet today, it is for its richness in vitamins, omega-3, antioxidantsbut also in fibers. This mode of feeding is beneficial for intestinal transit, prevents cardiovascular diseases and would have a positive effect on the maintenance of Mental Health.

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