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Lose weight in a sustainable way by throwing away your scales and banishing the word diet. This is the secret of Marine Rolland, author of How I lost 50 kg without dieting (ed. Courrier Livre). For Top Santé, she shares her experience.

It was after the birth of her youngest daughter that Marine had the click. She decides to end once and for all with the diets and the obsession linked to his weight.

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After giving birth, I tried to go on a diet, which didn’t work. There, I said to myself ‘I definitely stop the diets’ “entrusts us Marine Rolland, author of How I lost 50 kg without dieting (ed. Mail Book). Best-selling author and blog creator Mimi KitchenNavy weighed 125 kilos 5 years ago. Now she has managed to get rid of 50 kg.

I tried to lose weight for years and every diet failed. One day I threw away my scale and decided to stop focusing on my weight. “.

By learning to listen to your body her well-being and by adopting better eating habits, Marine has managed to lose weight sustainably. According to her, the secret is simply to let go and stop putting pressure on yourself. Today, at 38, her weight is completely stabilized.

“5 years ago, with my husband, we bought a baguette every day”

10 years ago, I didn’t cook at all. In my fridge, there were only prepared and industrial dishes “recalls Marina. Today, his meals have nothing to do with his routine of the time. “ I cook all the time. I take pleasure in cutting a zucchini, whereas before, it would never have occurred to me. I no longer consume ready meals and no moreprocessed foods. And I see a real difference in taste. I wonder how I managed to like it “.

Cooking and favoring home made is indeed the first reflex to adopt if you want to lose weight and take care of your health. It is particularly advisable to limit the ultra-processed foods. They are of lower nutritional quality (more salt, sugar, fat, less fiber, vitamins, minerals) and contain additives.

Marine has also put an end to certain harmful habits for the line and the organization.

5 years ago, with my husband, we bought a baguette every day. Today it has become casual “, she shares.

THE White bread is to be limited and all nutritionists will tell you that. Prepared from flour, the baguette causes a sudden increase in the rate of glucose in the blood (glycaemia). It thus triggers a significant production of insulin by the pancreas, which can in some people increase the risk of diabetes, obesity and overload of the liver. Above all, the white baguette is not very digestible.

“Losing 50 kg was a long but lasting process”

Marine has also reduced its consumption of meat. If her partner is used to consuming it every day, she can completely do without it, without completely removing it from her diet.

Limiting your meat consumption is a good way to improve your health. Today, health authorities recommend favoring poultry and limit other meats (pork, beef, veal, mutton, lamb, offal) to 500g per week.

Marine also insists on the importance of do not deprive yourself and not forbidding food. ” I understood by doing all the diets in the world that it’s when I’m told ‘you don’t have the right to eat that’ that I want to “. This allowed him not to feel frustration. Indulging yourself from time to time is also part of a balanced diet!

Losing 50 kg was a long but lasting process “, adds the author. Adopting a balanced diet is indeed the best way to lose excess pounds and take care of your health in the long term. On the contrary, diets will be effective at the time, but once you stop it, weight regain is guaranteed! Again, most nutritionists will tell you that.

In her book, she wanted to remind people how important it was to learn to let go and to don’t feed an obsession about his weight and appearance. ” I had resigned myself to telling myself that I would not lose weight. I ended up accepting myself as I was. By taking a step back, the pounds went away naturally! “.

“I sleep much better than before and I am no longer out of breath”

In addition to weight loss, Marine’s lifestyle change has been beneficial to his digestion and his sleep.

I realized that I was lactose intolerant and that I digested gluten very badly. Today, I drink it occasionally. I don’t want to deprive myself of anything. But I really feel the difference on my digestion “, she explains.

The effects of weight loss do not stop at the silhouette. ” I sleep a lot better than before. To climb the stairs, I am no longer out of breath. I can travel, walk, without being exhausted “, rejoices Marine.

If she had a advice to share with people who want to lose weight would be to be patient. ” Stop putting pressure on yourself. You have to think long term. You can’t lose 10 pounds in three weeks without gaining them back. “. And above all, ” throw away your scale and banish the word ‘diet’ from your life! “.

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