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Protecting yourself from the sun is good. Doing it totally is better. Because a well-informed vacationer is worth two, we take stock with dermatologist Paul Dupont of the most often neglected parts of your anatomy.

Summer is here and the holidays are approaching. The reward for a hard year of work that will take the form of long sessions of total immobility on the beach. But because you know the sun does not wish you well, you will, cautiously, coat your whole body with Solar cream.

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The whole body ? No ! Like many of us, you will certainly forget to protect certain fragile areas. Here are which ones.

Soles of the feet

If we often think of protecting our instep to avoid the terrible sunburns which hinder – among other things – the wearing of flip-flops, we too often omit to brush our soles, “very exposed when lying down” specifies Paul Dupont. “And it’s a very sensitive area, on which we remove moles in particular because everything gets very irritated there. In addition, cancerous lesions can form there. » So, to avoid the burns like the melanomasdo not forget it before offering yourself to the sun.


Eh yes. A priori, you do not go to the beach without them, and your cap does not protect them. “We must not forget to put cream on the pavilion, in particular to avoid keratosis (a thickening of the stratum corneum, editor’s note) and, there too, cancerous lesions…”.


But in this specific case, it all depends of course on your quantity of hair. “I am of course thinking of people who have little or none…” details the dermatologist. If a good dose of sunscreen will also do the trick on a smooth skull, the expert advises vacationers who are simply bald to wear a headgear.

The face

“And especially the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose, which the sun will hit first” explains Paul Dupont about these areas that we do not forget to protect in the youngest. In addition, do not hesitate to apply a little cream on the eyelidstoo often neglected, even though they are the seat of 5 to 10% of skin cancers, according to a 2017 British study.

And whatever happens, as Paul Dupont also points out, “We must gradually expose ourselves to the sun during the holidays. » A piece of advice that applies here to the entire body!

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