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Do you have black or dark skin? No, you are not exempt from sunscreen: here is the advice of an American dermatologist to effectively protect your skin this summer.

Fair-skinned people know it well: as soon as the sun begins to shine its first rays through the clouds, you must apply sunscreen to avoid (among other things) bad sunburn…

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Yes, but here it is: people with dark skin sometimes feel less concerned by these recommendations. Wrongly, because even if dull and black skin actually benefits from better natural protection against UV rays, it is not immune to skin cancer!

Black skin or dark skin: a suitable sunscreen is essential

Interviewed by our colleagues from Medical Xpress, Dr. Caroline Opene, dermatologist at the University of California (in the United States), gives some advice to people with dark skin to protect themselves effectively against the sun:

  • Opt for a hybrid sunscreen… Mineral sunscreens can leave an unattractive white film on the skin – and this is even more visible on dark skin. But chemical sunscreens can cause irritation, especially when the skin is sensitive. The solution ? A hybrid sunscreen, to buy in pharmacies.
  • …and also protects against visible light. Protecting yourself against UVA and UVB rays is good, but not enough. The dermatologist thus specifies that, in people with black skin, excessive exposure can also be responsible for local hyperpigmentation. In short: we develop darker “spots” on the skin. Hence the need to buy sunscreen that also protects against visible light: ask your pharmacist for advice!
  • Bet on sufficient protection. The dermatologist recommends people with dark skin (matt or black) to use a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 30 (SPF 30). SPF 10, 15 or 20 sunscreens are not enough, even when the skin is black.
  • Apply cream everywhere. Yes, even on the palms of the hands and under the soles of the feet: these areas can also get sunburned or develop a (pre-)cancerous lesion!
  • Consult if in doubt. Skin cancer is treatable when caught early. Also, even if your skin is black, regularly take the time to inspect it in search of a suspicious spot, a mole that changes shape and/or size…

Source : MedicalXpress

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