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Recently, Canal+ announced that it was setting up subtitles adapted to dyslexia. What do they consist of?

At the end of last April, Canal+ announced that it would make subtitles suitable for dyslexia available on its myCanal platform. What will the “dystitles” consist of? ? The Handicap.fr site gives some answers, according to an AFP dispatch.

As a reminder, dyslexia, like dysorthographia or dysgraphia, is a written language disorder. It is manifested by confusion and inversion of letters, or even sounds, writing that can be difficult to read, spelling punctuated with mistakes… recalls the Health Insurance site. So, for people with dyslexia, reading subtitles can also be very complicated.

Adapted typography

It is from this observation that the Dystitles project was born. The subtitles were designed based on the work of Béatrice Sauvageot, speech therapist and neuropsychologist. They are written with a particular typography, via a design compatible with the way the brain of a dyslexic person perceives letters : in black, with a white fill and an additional white outline.

Of course, these subtitles can also be read by a non-dyslexic person, they simply make deciphering easier for those who have this disorder.

Source: AFP and Handicap.fr, Health insurance

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