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Despite a good night’s sleep, it is impossible to get rid of this persistent fatigue, which ruins your day. And when this chronic fatigue is added to the absence of a feeling of improvement (while you have taken a vitamin C cure and that you are daily full of anti-fatigue foods) the lack of energy what you had left eventually disappeared.

Why am I always tired?

Certain physiological causes can explain this persistent lack of energy. Poor diet or hydration, lack of physical exercise, vitamin and mineral deficiencies… These causes are, in most cases, remediable to recover energy.

There are two main types of causes for waking fatigue. Causes related to our way of life. You should know that we are all sleep deprived! And then causes related to a disease: theSleep Apnea or restless leg syndrome“, explained doctor Beaulieu, a sleep specialist, in a previous article by Top Health. Pathologies that can be serious, and for which it is important to consult.

But the cause of your fatigue may be (mainly) psychological. If the greatest source of fatigue comes from human relationships – humans are empathetic by nature – other insignificant details of everyday life can interfere with our emotions. And when you consider yourself hypersensitive, everyday events can leave more of a impression of “energy drain” and emotional emptiness.. Being surrounded by negative people, not being able to say no, being constantly available for others, or even living in a disorderly environment, so many causes that can drain our energy on a daily basis, without us even realizing it.

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