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It’s a fact that many people lack sleep. Are you part of it? You may have a way to combine business with pleasure, according to a new study! American researchers have shown that having sex in the evening could be as effective (or more) than a sleeping pill.

According to the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance, one in three people is affected by sleeping troubles regularly in France. However, getting enough sleep is essential, both for physical and mental health.

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There are (fortunately) other solutions than sleeping pills! A new study to be presented at the annual meeting SLEEP 2023 revealed that sexual intercourse could help with insomnia. Three out of four adults said sleep better after sexand the majority felt that a sleeping pill had a similar or less good effect on their sleep.

We tend to fall asleep faster after sex

The study shows that 75% of respondents managed to sleep better after having sex at bedtime. In addition, 64% of them ensured that the sleeping tablets had a similar or less effective effect compared to sex. The survey involved 53 volunteers and among them, more than 50% were women.

There is little scientific data regarding the impact of sex and orgasm on sleep quality“, said the study’s lead author, Dr. Douglas Kirsch, medical director of sleep medicine at Atrium Health in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). He acknowledges, however, that individuals tend to fall asleep quickly after sex.

Beneficial sex thanks to the secretion of endorphins

For his part, the Dr. Marc Rey, neurologist sleep specialist and President of the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance, explains to us that sex can be beneficial for sleep thanks to the secretion of endorphins that it generates.

Of course, there are very positive aspects with sex.reports Dr. Rey. The pleasure it gives, the communication with the other will be beneficial. If the relationship is flourishing, sexual intercourse can help you fall asleep. But the relationship must be harmonious. If the report generates frustration, it’s not a good idea“.

He adds : “There is a secretion of endorphins, oxytocins…all these hormones will be conducive to rest and satisfaction. Overall, we sleep when we are relaxed and serene. In principle, after a fulfilling sexual relationship, we are rather well, so this will promote calm and sleep.“, says the specialist.

A survey conducted by the SANOFI laboratories in 2020 had also highlighted sex to fight against sleep disorders. According to his results, 20% of French people would have the habit of opting for parts of legs in the air before plunging into the arms of Morpheus.

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