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Heat in summer is the number one enemy of our sleep. This is normal, because the body needs to cool down by 0.5°C to fall asleep. Fortunately, there are ways to sleep better when temperatures rise. Starting with the choice of your duvet cover. Top Santé takes stock with Dr. Marc Rey, neurologist and sleep specialist.

Heat And sleep don’t mix well! It’s normal, our bodies are not used to it. In hot countries, people have no problem sleeping below 35°C or 40°C.

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Our troubles are linked to what is called thermoregulation : the body needs to cool down by 0.5°C to fall asleep. However, it is difficult to evacuate the heat when the temperature is high.

Heat also affects the quality of sleep due to its effects vasodilators : it dilates the vessels, which hinders blood circulation. Conversely, cool slows blood circulation thanks to its vasoconstrictor powers, which facilitates falling asleep and recovery. Remember that the ideal bedroom temperature is 17°C.

What solutions to sleep better in case of heat?

This advice can be difficult to follow in a heat wave, but try toventilate at the right time. Open the windows least exposed to heat. The fan and the air conditioner are also good solutions provided you use it moderately. Close the shutters even if your interior is air-conditioned.

The place where you sleep should be kept as cool as possible by ventilating it in the morning and avoiding the sun during the day, cooling off in the evening with a cool shower before going to bed, and of course air conditioning or a fan with a damp cloth in front if possible “, recommends the Dr Marc Rey, neurologist, sleep specialist and President of the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV).

Use refreshing sprays and turn off appliances that are sources of heat such as TVs, computers and tablets.

For dinner, during the heat wave, prefer light meals based on seasonal fruits and vegetables and rich in water. Hearty dishes, high in fat and sugar will only amplify the feeling of heat.

Did you know that choosing your comforter could also have an impact? Adapting your duvet to the season will really help you have better nights, assures our neurologist. Certain fabrics will allow air to circulate easily, evacuate moisture and better regulate body temperature. Bet on cotton or linen. In summer, choose a hypoallergenic duvet.

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