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To remedy stress or fatigue, nothing beats a small course of magnesium. Sailor or classic, the match deserves special attention. Indeed, marketing attributes superior powers to those who come from the sea. True or False? Explanations.

THE marine magnesium enjoys an excellent reputation. The publicity about it praises its absence of danger, its natural side, or the ease of assimilation. It would be the purest and most natural form, unlike classic magnesium tablets, considered too “chemical”.

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However, according to certain specialists, this reputation is usurped. Before understanding why it benefits from such an aura, it is necessary to recall what is meant by marine magnesium. The latter is part of a category made up half of classic magnesium. The other half being salts called ” inorganic » that the body does not necessarily assimilate very well. They can also have a laxative effect. This mineral is obtained after evaporation of seawater: when it gives way to sea salt. Part of this substance will turn into magnesium salt.

If we stick to this aspect, we could think that it is pure and natural, therefore necessarily better than the tablets manufactured by the industrialists. ” Fake. Marine magnesium has no more interest than conventional magnesium. It’s still magnesium! ” underline Véronique Liesse, nutritionist dietitian.

Marine magnesium: when it should be avoided

Some people prone to digestive disorders should even avoid it, as it can cause diarrhea For example. It can be interesting on the contrary in case of constipation. In terms of its assimilation, again, this is not necessarily the best choice.

Its ability to be assimilated by the body is not necessarily ideal when taken alone. It must be combined with vitamins B6 and B9 which help its absorption. So we do not really see why we say that it has more interest than the others since if we have to supplement it to assimilate it well, it is because it is not absorbed as well as the people say. advertising ! adds the specialist.

Pay attention to quantities

Furthermore, it is also necessary to Pay attention to quantities. In excess, and without specialist supervision, it can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.It is really better to ask a health professional for advice on how to take it wisely and not consume it on your own on the pretext that it comes from the sea! “.

Finally, the qualitative aspect must also be considered. If sea water is polluted in certain geographical areas, not sure that the quality is there…

So next time tiredness, think about your wallet: a basic magnesium remains quite valid to get you back on your feet. On the other hand, take advice from your doctor to determine the duration of the cure. He alone can be able to guide you, especially in terms of doses.

Thanks to Véronique Liesse, dietitian nutritionist in Monaco.

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