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An English author and nutrition coach has just shared an edifying testimony on her weight loss, made possible by combining two popular methods: intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. Emma Van Carlen would have lost more than 18 kilos in total. Can we imitate it without risk? Top Santé put the question to Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist.

Emma Van Carlen, English author for Newsweekshares his experience with the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. The latter decided to change her diet before her wedding.

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Good reasons to try intermittent fasting

“JI was no longer comfortable with my body. I had gained a lot of weight gradually from the age of 20 and it really showed. I didn’t feel like myself anymore and I didn’t want to look like that on my wedding day. “, she reports.

Emma tried to count the calories and chain the training at the gym. In vain. Then she heard about intermittent fasting. Thanks to this method, the young British got rid of almost 5 kilos in a month.

My body was changing rapidly and I loved it. I had also read that fasting has many health benefits “, she adds.

Subsequently, Emma adopted the ketogenic diet associated with her intermittent fasting. “ I felt less hungry and was able to fast longer. I maintained my insulin level relatively low, which accelerated my weight loss “.

In total, Emma lost more than 18 kg. Can this method work on everyone? Is it risk free? Top Santé spoke with Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist.

Weight loss: why is intermittent fasting effective?

Intermittent fasting is simply do not eat anything for a chosen period. There are several types of intermittent fasting. The most common is 16-8: you have sixteen hours without eating and an eight-hour window to do so. But there are variations like 18-6.

This practice has been studied since 1943 and has shown great effectiveness in weight loss but also in improving certain biomarkers such as insulin sensitivity.

Its followers consider it effective in preventing digestive disordersimprove the sleepreduce the tension and especially to lose weight (or avoid taking it).

I find in my patients that intermittent fasting is very effective for weight loss, confirms Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist. And for good reason, fasting involves caloric restriction. Let’s say you had 500 calories on a dinner, if you give it up, it’s 500 calories less for the day. Your body will therefore draw on its reserves for the extra energy. In addition, if you banish the evening meal from your routine, you will be likely to lose weight faster. At night, certain hormones will generate a fat-burning effect “.

When you decide to conduct intermittent fasting, you can choose to give up breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, most doctors agree that giving up dinner is the most effective.

Raphaël Gruman advises carrying out intermittent fasting two to three days a week. ” This will be enough to get a result “.

Before wanting to imitate the English author, however, be careful. Intermittent fasting is canceled for people prone to eating disorders (TCA). This method is beneficial when done well: if it generates frustration or food cravings, it cannot be effective. If you want to get started, talk to your doctor or a nutritionist. Intermittent fasting also has contraindications for people diabeticsthose who suffer hyperthyroidismliver failure and those with a low BMI (>18).

What is the benefit of the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is based on a diet rich in lipids and involves drastically reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to induce a state of ketosis. Clearly, it is a question of giving pride of place to fat. We obviously focus on good fats: oily fish, poultry, red meat, eggs, butter, vegetable oil, vinegar, olives, avocado, hard cheese…

Many celebrities have become followers of the ketogenic diet for its weight loss properties.

The reason the ketogenic diet is drastic for weight loss is because the body usually gets its energy from the carbohydrates consumed during the day. However, since this diet involves limiting carbohydrates, the body begins to draw on its reserves stored in the muscles and liver called reserves “glycogen“. When glycogen stores are depleted, the body begins to exploit lipids for energy.

For Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist, this diet also has the merit of avoiding cravings.

However, be careful before you start. The ketogenic diet is not unanimous among nutritionists. If conducted too strictly, it is not synonymous withbalanced diet. It is also particularly dangerous for people who suffer from diabetes, heart or kidney disease.

Can you follow two diets at the same time?

Because it does not involve cutting out foods or counting calories, intermittent fasting is not considered a diet by nutritionists but a way of life. However, it is no less an upheaval for the body and lifestyle.

As for the ketogenic diet, if it does not allow a balanced diet, it is because it involves cut out a number of foods. Not only do you expose yourself to the risk of frustration and food overflows afterwards, but above all, you risk deficiencies.

Putting yourself on a ketogenic diet combined with intermittent fasting can be effective for weight loss. However, the constraints that they each involve on their own may not be tenable in the long term. This can promote weight regain once you crack.

Intermittent fasting can be good for your figure and your health, and so can the ketogenic diet. However, it is better to avoid carrying them out too drastically or at the same time.

Consult your doctor or a nutritionist if you want to rethink your diet. If you choose to follow intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet, avoid implementing them too strictly. Yes for a ketogenic diet for two or three days from time to time after overeating. Yes for intermittent fasting several evenings a week on condition that you allow yourself dinners from time to time so as not to let yourself be overcome by frustration. However, carrying out these two diets at the same time in a radical way is not advisable.

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