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Here is (for once!) an inspiring TikTok trend: the “rat summer girl” lives her holidays with lightness and spontaneity, without worrying about the eyes of others. Manual.

Imagine: you are on vacation, and everything is fine. It’s hot, so you decide to treat yourself to an Italian ice cream, a whipped cream extra milkshake or even a cone of churros. You put on the first clothes found in your suitcase, without thinking about their harmony. For this afternoon, you hesitate between strolling in the alleys of the district, going around the shops in the city center, or basking on the beach in the sun.

Does it make you dream? This “no brainer” way of life is the latest fashion on TikTok: we talk about “rat summer girl”. In summary: it’s (quite simply) about having a good time without worrying about the eyes of others or the injunctions of society.

Think less to open up to spontaneity

The “rat summer girl” (which could be translated as “summer rat-girl”, although it is not very flattering) follows only four rules: she goes out as much as possible, she eats and she drinks what she loves without moderation, she doesn’t care what other people think and she avoids thinking too much about her decisions. In short, its number one value is spontaneity.

The goal: to discover new places without wanting to, make inspiring encounters thanks to a series of coincidences, live thrilling adventures without having provoked them… and bring back unforgettable memories of your vacation!

A true ode to self-confidence and self-love, the “rat summer girl” trend still has some limitations: it’s not easy to live in “carpe diem” mode when you have to take care of children or a loved one with a loss of autonomy, for example. And what about stressed holidaymakers who prefer to organize their stay well in advance in order to calm down? Finally, the “rat summer girl” fashion should perhaps remain a proposal so as not to turn (also) into a societal injunction…

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