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Cucumbers have just been recalled. In question ? A pesticide content that exceeds the authorized standards. Top Santé gives you the relevant reference.

It is not always possible to completely avoid traces of pesticides in food. Thus, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends washing or peeling fruits and vegetables before consumption.

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Do you live in an area exposed to pesticides?

There is thus a setting of maximum limits for pesticide residues in foodstuffs of plant origin. It takes into account agronomic realities but also the requirements toxicological.

Cucumbers have just been the subject of a reminder due to excessive pesticide content. It would exceed the legal limit set.

If you bought these cucumbers, it is recommended not to consume them.

What is the reference in question?

The government site Rappel Conso informs us that cucumbers marketed between June 9 and June 15, 2023 are concerned. There reference :

– Batch: Producer CHENAULT Julien

– Date of marketing: From 06/09/2023 to 06/15/2023

– Packaging: bulk – 6kg package

– Distributors: Biocoop stores


Pesticides: what health risks?

Epidemiological studies have then evoked the links between exposure to pesticides, particularly in the workplace, and the risk of the appearance of pathologies. cancerousneurological or reproductive disorders “, indicates the Ministry of Agriculture.

In the general population, the available studies are far fewer than those conducted in the workplace. Studies suggesting an increased risk in pesticide application areas or with their use at home or in the garden need to be confirmed.

In children, some studies have shown an increased risk of leukemia and, to a lesser degree, the risk of brain tumorsin connection with the use of pesticides by parents in the home or garden, particularly during pregnancy or infancy “, reports the Léon Bernard Cancer Center.

Pesticides include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

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