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Despite ovarian failure caused by cancer treatments, a young woman managed to give birth to twins in Marseille. This is the great story of the day.

In 2008, it was the thunderclap for Sandrine: the young woman, aged 23, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. Doctors first set up chemotherapy – but this proves to be ineffective.

Sandrine’s oncologist then offers her a more powerful, but also more toxic treatment: among its side effects, there is an alteration in ovarian function and fertility…

Faced with the risk of never being able to be a mother, Sandrine decided (in 2009) to have an entire ovary removed by laparoscopy as well as ovarian tissue containing gametes: everything is frozen for possible use after remission.

Several attempts at in vitro fertilization (IVF), until successful

Ten years later, in 2019, Sandrine and her companion want to become parents. Unfortunately, the 30-year-old (in remission) suffers from premature ovarian failure. The couple therefore opted for an ovarian tissue transplant; in April 2020, doctors believe that Sandrine’s endocrine ovarian function is restored.

But despite this good news, no spontaneous pregnancy starts. Sandrine and her companion then tried several in vitro fertilizations (IVF) – in vain. Until “the” good attempt: in July 2022, Sandrine is pregnant with twins…

There were a lot of apprehensions during the pregnancy, with a (…) fear of premature delivery. I finally gave birth on February 27, 2023 to my two little twins, a boy and a girl, only a month early, remembers the young mother. We call them our two little miracles.

A testimony that could give hope to other couples. Please note: for the ovarian tissue transplant to be effective, the removal must take place before the age of 36.

Source :Marseille University Hospitals (AP-HM)

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