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Twelve caregivers, nurses and nurses, were sanctioned by the National Order for having practiced unauthorized care.

This is called percutaneous hydrotomy, it aims to relieve pain, and would have been practiced by twelve male and female nurses who have just been sanctioned by the National Order, as reported by 20 Minutes according to a dispatch. But what is this controversial treatment?

The objective of percutaneous hydrotomy is to help in terms of pain for patients who suffer from chronic ailments such as migraines, osteoarthritis, back pain… It is practiced via a local injection under the skin of physiological serum to which vitamins, trace elements and other minerals have been added, or even medication.

Lack of perspective on practice

It has existed for about thirty years but has not obtained scientific validation to date. The academy of medicine considers that we lack a clinical evaluation and hindsight on the adverse effects that could result.

However, it was practiced by twelve nurses, who according to the disciplinary chamber would have run “an unjustified risk” to the patients. These caregivers were also criticized for benefiting from “advertising promotion” insofar as their contact details were available on the association website in connection with this treatment. Some received a reprimand and others a suspension of up to three months.

Source: 20 Minutes with agencies

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