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While Ozempic, designed to fight type 2 diabetes, but diverted as an appetite suppressant in order to lose weight, the European Medicines Agency is concerned about side effects.

Three drugs are under review by the European Medicines Agency: Ozempic, Saxenda and Wegovy, all based on GLP-1. The worry? That they put patients at greater risk of self-mutilation and suicidal thoughts, underlines BFMTV according to an AFP dispatch.

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This review follows a request from the Icelandic Medicines Agency after 150 cases of patients treated with these drugs, and presenting this type of side effect have been notified. As a reminder, Ozempic is used against type 2 diabetes, but also to treat obesity, because it would make it possible to lose around 10% of weight in one year.

Ozempic: what side effects?

After being promoted on Tiktok, it was hijacked as an appetite suppressant and is then consumed outside of recommendations. Its popularity for this purpose has recently created or aggravated supply tensions for diabetic patients. One of its active ingredients, semaglutide aims to reproduce the role of a human hormone that gives the feeling of no longer being hungry, and which slows the emptying of the stomach.

For now, the list of side effects of Ozempic include digestive symptoms, hypoglycemia, dizziness, increased heart rate. It could therefore add to its long list of existing side effects, suicidal thoughts and the risk of self-mutilation. But for now, it is not yet confirmed that the condition of these patients is directly linked to taking this treatment. The current study should decide on this question soon.

Source: BFMTV, AFP

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