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An opened tube of sunscreen should be discarded after a maximum of 6 months. Indeed: over time, germs and toxic substances can develop in the product.

Do you have a tube of sunscreen left over from last year, and you plan to use it again this year at the beach or in the mountains? Bad idea !

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For two main reasons. First, as soon as a cosmetic product is opened, germs can begin to develop in it, especially when it has been handled with poorly cleaned hands, left for some time in the heat and/or in the open air or even brought into contact with dirt – this is precisely the case with the tube of sunscreen that is left lying around at the bottom of the beach bag or in the trunk of the car…

A photosensitizing substance harmful to health

Second, after a few months, octocrylene-based sun creams (look on the label, in the list of ingredients) begin to generate a toxic substance – benzophenone. Photosensitizing, benzophenone is suspected of being an endocrine disruptor and of having carcinogenic effects.

As long as it is unopened, a sunscreen can be kept for about 3 years away from heat and light – be careful, it depends on the brand, the period can also be 12 months. On the other hand, once the tube of cream has been opened and started, the sunscreen must be used within a maximum of 6 months, as explained by Dr. Marc Perrussel, dermatologist oncologist and practitioner at the University Hospital of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), interviewed by our colleagues from the Parisian.

But if you have sunscreen left over from the last vacation, be careful: it may mean that you are not putting on enough! “If you consume the right dose, a tube should not last more than a week, with an application every two hours, at breakfast, aperitif, coffee and snack” emphasizes the expert. Well noted!

Source :The Parisian

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