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If you don’t love your body, aren’t comfortable in a bathing suit, and are doing your best to conceal your figure at the beach, rest assured: you’re not alone!

For several years now, the #BodyPositive movement has encouraged us to love our body as it is – with its hair, its extra pounds, its scars, its deformities, its spots… In short, in all its normality.

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Yes, but here it is: despite this “self-love” tendency, certain complexes remain. Thus, according to a recent survey carried out by Ifop for the Voyage avec nous brand, in 2023, 60% of women say they do not like their bodies – a figure higher than 10 years ago, when “only” 46% French women confessed this lack of love.

The “Summer body” injunction, dangerous for the mental health of women

Unsurprisingly, feminine complexes are even stronger in summer since they come up against the injunction of the “Summer body” – a slim, athletic, well-shaved body, without spots or rolls… and almost inaccessible since reserved for magazine pages. Result: 67% of women surveyed by Ifop now say they are uncomfortable in a swimsuit.

In detail, on the beach or at the swimming pool, 84% of the women surveyed admit to moving around with a pareo to hide their body, 62% try to bring in their stomach all the time, and more than 80% deploy strategies to hide their “little flaws”…

Of course, the injunction to the perfect physique has consequences for mental health – especially for women. Thus, according to Ifop, 57% of women have already experienced difficult periods as summer approaches, with sleep disorders (40%), stress and anxiety (49%), and even crying episodes (38%). And if we finally assumed our body, with certainly its small defects but also with its immense qualities?

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