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In its latest special issue, Pain, everything that works, the magazine 60 Million consumers reviews the advice to soothe pain. And because women’s pain is (too) often minimized, their experts have compiled a panel of 6 effective products against menstruation-related ailments.

In terms of painsthe stereotypes remain, recalls 60 Million consumers in his latest special issue, devoted to pain. It’s a fact, the women is often forced to struggle or shout louder to be heard!

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How to relieve painful periods?

But minimizing women’s pain can be fatal. American researchers have revealed that women victims of cardiac arrest were to wait longer than men before undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Of the prejudice which do not spare doctors. According 60 Million consumersit has been repeatedly shown that men are more likely to be recommended painkillers and women psychological treatment “.

6 products that may work for period pain

In the case of painful menstruation, experts denounce “ a lack of interest from the medical profession which forces women to fend for themselves. ” That’s why grandma’s remedies have pride of place », argues Dr. Malou Navez, member of the scientific council of the Apicil Foundation, within the special issue of 60 Million Consumers.

To help women, their experts have drawn up a panel of six products deemed effective for menstrual pain.

– PRONTADOL Adult Ipsen

– ELECTROTHERAPY Painful periods Urgo


– NATURACTIVE • Pierre Fabre

– NUROFEN FLASH Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare

– GYNOPATCH XO Laboratory

Women’s pain: where do the stereotypes come from?

If some female hormones may play a role in the perception of pain, biology does not explain everything. “ THE societal injunctions like ‘be strong my son’, ‘a man does not cry’, are also widely involved “, emphasizes 60 million consumers.

Dr. Delphine Lhuillery, a pain specialist, adds to the survey: ” For our pain-inhibiting system to work well, the levels of estrogen and progesterone must [hormones féminines, NDLR] are balanced. However, in theory, this is only the case for 48 hours of the cycle. At that time, we would be equal with men! “.

She also explains that men’s response to pain is primarily cognitive: they seek a strategy to cope; while that of women is emotional “.

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