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A new study conducted on menopause has just published edifying results. Nearly one in two women say they are insufficiently informed about this process and think that it boils down only to hot flashes. However, menopause involves a host of other lesser-known symptoms. Top Santé talks about it with Dr. Brigitte Letombe, gynecologist and member of the All for menopause collective.

A study conducted by Essity, a group specializing in hygiene and health products, highlighted the ignorance women on the menopause. They are however the first concerned (14 million in France)!

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Menopause is not a disease but it causes disorders.

About 44% of women say they are insufficiently informeds on the menopause and its symptoms and 41% consider this subject as taboo.

Apart from the hot flashes, they know nothing! Other symptoms are attributed to aging. However, menopause has a lot to do with it and the good news is that most can be treated. Women really need to be informed », shares us Dr. Brigitte Letombe, gynecologist and member of the collective All for menopause.

“I frequently find sleep, concentration and mood disorders”

Remember that menopause corresponds to cessation of ovarian function, so rules. In general, it occurs between 45 and 55 years, with an average around 50 years, estimates Inserm.

This phenomenon occurs due to the cessation of ovulation generated by the exhaustion of all the primordial follicles located in the ovaries which are responsible for the release of oocytes in the fallopian tubes. Menopause marks the final cessation of menstruation and therefore of menstrual cycles due to the cessation of estrogen secretion. This estrogen deficiency will involve a number of symptoms. And we’re not just talking about hot flashes and night sweats. Yet most women think of menopause as just its two symptoms.

Dr Letombe cites in particular joint pain, sleep disorders, depression…” They are not linked to the onset of aging, but to the change in the hormonal climateshe points out. Some women will get better over time without treatment, and others will need medication support. “.

I frequently find patients with sleep, concentration and mood disorders… Some doctors diagnose them with depression, but very often, it’s not that. It’s simply heightened emotional sensitivity due to estrogen deficiency. “. These women then do not need antidepressants, but hormonal treatment. ” However, few women, even few doctors, are aware of this. “, adds the gynecologist.

One in two women suffers from vaginal dryness and urinary disorders

The expert also mentions the cognitive disorders. “ They may be linked to hormonal variation and estrogen deficiency “. Concretely, if a woman has concentration disorders around the age of 50, the question of menopause must first be raised before the onset of Alzheimer’s.

One in two women also suffers from vaginal dryness and urinary disorders. There again, many of them believe that it is linked to old age, which can have serious consequences on their self-confidence, their relationship, etc. However, knowing that it is simply linked to an estrogen deficiency and that there are simple solutions, that changes everything. Any woman who encounters this kind of problem should talk to her doctor about it. He will explain to her that to be lubricated, the mucous membranes require the right dose of estrogen. “.

This can be remedied with a treatment locally, without risk. But for that, women have to be informed.

Source : Study carried out by Essity on 1,000 postmenopausal and premenopausal women in France.

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