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On the cover of the latest issue of the American magazine Sport Illustrated, Martha Stewart poses in a swimsuit at 81 years old. No doubt, this figure of American television has nothing to envy to the youngest! But what is his secret ? Diet, sleep, exercise… Top Santé tells you more about its routine.

Martha Stewart, 81-year-old American businesswoman and television icon, has just made the cover of the famous magazine Sports Illustrated – sold in the USA. A number that has not gone unnoticed. While posing in a bathing suit, Martha Stewartd contributes to the fight against ageism, being the oldest model to have posed for this title. If this magazine cover is intended to move the lines, the bet seems successful!

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On social networks, many Internet users applauded the initiative to make a octogenarian the star of this issue, who does not hesitate to reveal her body with a radiant face.

Little known in France, Martha Stewart gained notoriety in the United States thanks to her cooking show broadcast on television and her success in the business world. Today is as model let it cross borders! At 81, she could well be the envy of her figure and her smile.

The good news is that Martha Stewart had shared her healthy routine through a book, Living the Good Long Life, available in English only. Published in 2013, this book reviews the golden rules of the star to keep in shape (and the line). The opportunity for Top Santé to share its (precious) advice with you.

“I start my day with my green vegetable juice”

Numerous scientific studies have already shown that by adopting good lifestyle habits, you may have a better chance of avoiding disease and living a long, healthier and better physical life. It is not Martha Stewart who will tell you otherwise! She insists on the small habits of life which constitute the whole foundation of a healthy life.

If her book was published 10 years ago, Martha Stewart is far from having forgotten her precepts.

It’s exercise, good nutrition and a minimum of sleep she shared in a 2021 recording posted by The Dr. Oz Show.

Among its golden rules, food indeed occupies a prominent place. “ I start my day with my own homemade green juice which includes vegetables that come from my own greenhouse “Reported Martha Stewart before specifying that she put on oatmeal for breakfast, accompanied by skimmed milk. His meals consist mainly of vegetables rich in water, fish and of Mozzarella. The businesswoman seems relatively regular in her habits, even if she admits to releasing the pressure when she has dinner with her friends.

We should all emulate Martha Stewart. Diet plays a vital role inlife expectancyand especially on life expectancy in good health.

“The first thing I do in the morning is a crossword puzzle”

Martha Stewart also takes care of her brain keeping it active. Indeed, it is important to prevent cognitive decline and the risk of dementia. “ The first thing I do in the morning is a crossword puzzle to make sure I can still remember the words “, she said. It is indeed a good way to stimulate its cerebral functions and to keep all these faculties cognitive the longest time possible.

She does not forget to have a regular physical activity, which is essential to prevent weight gain and the onset of certain chronic diseases. It also helps to combat stress. ” I take walks, I really like the outdoors “, adds Martha Stewart.

In her book, she also recalls the importance of maintain social ties, which is even more essential if you are getting older. Not only do you see your friends helps to fight against solitudebut above all, it’s excellent for stimulating your cognitive functions!

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