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A recent study synthesizes the results of two previous studies and comes to the conclusion that the birth weight of the baby influences the risk of one day having type 2 diabetes.

A low birth weight (less than 3kg) would increase the risk of one day having type 2 diabetes, and of developing it earlier in life. This is at least what two Danish studies published in the journal Diabetologia, and taken up by Medicalxpress, point out.

4590 people – whose files are grouped in the Danish cohort Inter99 and which includes files of people born between 1939 and 1971 – were studied in an initial search. During their follow-up, which lasted an average of 19 years, 492 of them declared type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes appears earlier

By studying their information since birth, the researchers made a discovery: the lighter they were born, the higher the risk of type 2 diabetes. So much so that scientists note that each additional kilogram at birth reduced the risk of developing it one day in his life by 40%. Of course, genetic and weight characteristics were taken into account to arrive at this result.

Another study summarized in Diabetologia reports that in addition to increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, low birth weight would tend to make it appear earlier in life. Weighing less than 3kg at birth would increase the risk of having type 2 diabetes by 28% before the age of 45.

Faced with these two studies compared, the authors of the synthesis believe that if it is not genetic, this factor of underweight at a very young age is decisive in the face of this type of diabetes and its early onset.

Sources: Diabetology, Medicalxpress

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