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Living near green space could help you live longer. This is in any case the finding of a new study published in Science Advances.

Good news if you live near a park! A new study published on June 28, 2023 has proven that people who live near a green area would live 2.5 years older on average than the others.

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According to the researchers, greenery could actually have a positive impact on life expectancy.

To arrive at this result, the scientists examined the impact of long-term exposure to surrounding green spaces, and its effect on the biological aging ofa group of more than 900 people based in four US cities.

Your biological age depends on your lifestyle

Our study shows that proximity to green spaces caused biological or molecular changes that can be detected in our blood said Lifang Hou, professor of preventive medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University (USA) and principal investigator of the study.

Researchers compared age-related biological changes in participants over a period of 20 years. Using blood DNA, they were able to estimate the biological age of people. They also analyzed changes in the functioning of genes related to aging process.

If your biological age is accelerated, you will be more at risk of certain diseases (age-related) such as cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease. Biological age is often at your way of life (more than your chronological age).

The biological age really depends on what we do daily, including what we eat and how active we are added Lifang Hou. The study emphasizes that it is not only about lifestyle habits but also about the environment in which you evolve: the neighborhood where you live, the communities you frequent, etc.

“We know the benefits of green spaces against premature mortality”

Numerous studies have already demonstrated the benefits of green spaces for health. ” We know the benefits of green spaces against premature mortalitysaid David Rojas-Rueda, professor of epidemiology at Colorado State University. This study explains how this could happen by describing how green spaces can alter the way genes are expressed “.

While the study advocates vegetation to extend lifespan, it says little about the active ingredients in nature that influence health.

In addition to where you live, if you want to live as long as possible in good health, watch your diet, your sleep and be sure to adopt regular physical activity.

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