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US health authorities have just authorized three companies to produce and sell chicken grown from stem cells. But you will have to go to the restaurant to eat it.

In the United States, the Food and drug administration (the equivalent of our Department of Agriculture) has just authorized three American companies to start producing and selling chicken meat produced from stem cells, in laboratory.

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Last November, the FDA declared that eating lab-grown meat was “safe for human consumption.” From now on, the label “chicken grown from cells” can officially appear on certain packaging!

An alternative source of protein

These companies (Upside Foods, Good Meat and Join Biologics) will therefore be the first in the United States to offer meat that does not come from slaughtered animals. But initially, only a few restaurants will add this alternative source of protein to their menu, due to the cost of production and marketing.

According to the Washington Post, Upside expects its products to first be available at Bar Crenn in San Francisco. While Good Meat contacted chef José Andrés in Washington to serve it in his restaurant.

Reducing the impact of farming on the environment

The FDA justifies its decision by explaining that it will significantly reduce the environmental impacts of raising animals. It also eliminates the slaughtering step. This chicken meat is cultured in steel tanks, using cells from a live animal, a fertilized egg or a stored cell bank. Since 2020, it has been marketed in the form of cutlets or nuggets in many restaurants in Singapore.

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