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The nutritional recommendations recommend a snack for children around 4 p.m., to avoid snacking. But what about adults? Answers with our experts.

The break to taste from 4 p.m. is similar to an area reserved for children. However, for adults who spend days at work and feel a bit peckish in the afternoon, calling the distributor of sweet products in the hallway of the office often remains the most practical solution to regain the hair of the beast. . So should we provide a snack like the one reserved for the little ones?

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It all depends on the structure of the other meals. This break must be able to complete the recommended total daily ration, and not that it is added to it. And then you have to make the difference between tasting and snacking. The snack must stay a small food intake and not a full meal. It is of interest to avoid snacking or arriving hungry for the evening meal and thus eating more. says Séverine Bertheas Dietitian Nutritionist in Lorraine.

The ideal snack according to a nutritionist

If you want to calm your hunger in the middle of the afternoon, you have to think about this meal wisely. A grain product that is not overly “processed” by the food industry with some dark chocolate and a coffeetea, herbal tea or water, is an excellent snack.

You can take oatmeal possibly, if you have the possibility because at the office, it is not necessarily practical, with a little milk, or even 30 g wholemeal or rye bread with a small piece of cheese and a sugar-free drink. But if we take cheese, we must consider that it is half of the two daily dairy products recommended in a day. So be careful not to accumulate more than two in the day.” warns the specialist.

Taste: what snacks should be avoided?

On the other hand, there are snacks at avoid totally. ” No fruit juice, fresh or notor of White bread with chocolate. And especially not the candy bar from the vending machine. If you want to eat a cereal bar, you prepare it at home yourself. This influx of sugar risk of a sudden rise blood sugar level. Once at the top, this rate will drop sharply and then cause cravings. It’s a disaster for the body.” explains Laurent Miclo, teacher and director of studies in dietetics at the University of Lorraine.

Other solution, do not have dessert at noon and keep it for the afternoon snack. A portion of fruit of about 100 g with plain yoghurt and coffee or tea is also a snack that we can recommend. So before you jump on anything at the time of the craving of the afternoon, prepare your snack carefully… But beforehand!

Thanks to Séverine Berthéas Dietitian nutritionist and teacher. And to Laurent Miclo, director of nutrition studies at the University of Villers les Nancy.

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