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Are you hesitating to try intermittent fasting? Top Santé went to meet one of its followers! Digestion, skin, weight loss… At 27, Noélie adopted this diet for more than 4 months and tells us about its benefits.

I had been feeling very tired for several weeks. My skin had blemishes and I realized it was from my diet. My liver was sending me signals. I needed to cleanse my body and give it the nutrients it needed to restore my health. “, tells us Noelie, 27 years oldfollower of intermittent fasting for 4 months.

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A week after having changed his diet, the benefits were felt. Today, Noélie no longer has any doubts: intermittent fasting has taught her to better listen to her body and its needs. For Top Healthshe shares her experience. Testimony.

“I slept badly and I had taken bad habits at night”

Intermittent fasting is a way of life adopted by a large number of men and women concerned with improving their health, losing weight and regaining a healthier and more natural balance for the body. There are several forms of fasting, but the best known is 16/8. Concretely, you have 8 hours a day to eat, and 16 hours to fast. With the exception of water, teas, herbal teas or vegetable juices, intermittent fasting involves deprivation of food and drink over a specific time slot.

Before deciding to start intermittent fasting, Noélie suffered from digestive heaviness and sleep disturbances.

I slept badly and had bad habits at night “. This phenomenon is not surprising if we are to believe the Dr Marc Rey, neurologist and sleep specialist.

We live in a society that has evolved poorly in terms of food intakesays the expert. Normally, we should bet on a light meal in the evening and a breakfast plentiful in the morning. However, due to our modern lifestyle, many of us have switched to a big meal at dinner. It has a negative effect on sleep “.

According to him, if you decide to have a lighter dinner in the evening, or even not to eat dinner at all, you will fall asleep more easily. You should know that during the night, our temperature drops. By having a large meal in the evening, you will generate heat generation caused by the digestion. This will interfere with sleep.

Despite her bad nocturnal habits, Noélie practiced sport regularly. However, she felt that her lifestyle was going against her efforts.

I needed to adopt a new lifestyle to maximize the effects. We can do 3/4 hours of sport per week, if our lifestyle is not adapted, it cancels the effects and we tend to gain mass “, shares Noélie.

“After 3 weeks, my skin was more beautiful”

Noélie was lucky enough to see her first fasting efforts rewarded fairly quickly. ” After a week, I slept better and started feeling less tired. I also lost 1 kg in the first week. “. Indeed, by giving her digestive system a 16-hour break, the young girl literally detoxified his organism. This allowed for better sleep and therefore better energy.

Three weeks later, it’s the appearance of his skin which has improved. ” After 3 weeks, my skin looked better and I felt lighter “.

The skin is often revealing the contents of your plate. A poor diet can be conducive to redness, itching, patches and dryness. THE sugar and the fat are the main enemies of your skin. They cause an accumulation of waste and toxins. Your intestine will then be overwhelmed and will pass the baton to your skin, which also acts as a filter. The latter will thus reflect a saturated and tired intestine.

In addition, after a month of fasting for Noélie, the effects began to be felt on her waistline : “ I lost 3 kilos and physically, I immediately felt the effects on the waist “. His digestive heaviness after the meal had also disappeared.

“Intermittent fasting is very effective for weight lossconfirm Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist. The mechanism is simple: fasting involves caloric restriction. Let’s say you had 500 calories on a dinner, if you give it up, it’s 500 calories less for the day. Your body will therefore draw on its reserves for the extra energy. Also, if you banish the evening meal from your routine, you will lose faster in my opinion. At night, certain hormones will generate a fat-burning effect “.

“I lost 5 kilos in 4 months with intermittent fasting”

After 4 months of intermittent fasting, Noélie got rid of 5 pounds in total. If she has changed her diet, she remains rigorous about the practice of a sporting activity.

It does me a lot of good. I intend to continue this way of life for the long term. I enjoy my meals better. I learned to listen better to my body and know what is good for it. I don’t believe in dieting because it brings frustration. However, a better way of life that we adopt in the long term allows us to establish a routine that works for us. I don’t deprive myself but I have found a balance “.

Before you start intermittent fasting, talk to your doctor or nutritionist. Be careful, most experts strongly advise against this mode of diet for children, people with diabetes, those who suffer from hyperthyroidism, liver failure and those who have a BMI that is too low (>18).

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