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Have you ever heard of biological age? The latter is linked to your lifestyle and not to the passage of time. Dr. Mark Hyman, a 63-year-old American doctor has just shared the right routine to fight aging.

An American doctor seems to have unlocked the secret of longevity. Interviewed by our American colleagues from InsiderDr. Mark Hyman claims that his biological age was 20 years younger than his actual age.

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Author of a new book, Young Forever, he claims to have a biological age of 40 while being 63 years old. He takes the opportunity to share his routine as well as tips for healthy aging. According to him, aging does not necessarily imply a decline or degradation of the human body.

What exactly is biological age?

Your age is related to the passage of time. However, your biological age is linked to cellular aging and depends on the choices you make and your way of life. A good diet, regular exercise, restorative sleep, an environment that allows a certain quality of life… All these elements will contribute to maintaining a low biological age (even if the years pass). There are blood tests which allow to determine the biological age of a person, although controversial.

Clearly, you can be a 35 year old, smoker, stressed, follower of processed foods and who is sorely deprived of sleep… You will then have a higher biological age than a 50 year old who has adopted healthy habits. all his life.

If your biological age is acceleratedyou will be more at risk in the face of certain diseases (age-related) such as cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Hyman shares his routine, which he says explains his biological age of 20 years younger, compared to his chronological age.

He meditates to start his day

Dr Hyman said the first thing he does every morning after waking up at 6 a.m. is meditate for 20 minutes. Then he savors his coffee and takes time to write.

Many studies have already proven that meditation improves mental health and helps reduce stress. The latter has a significant impact on aging.

A bodybuilding session after his coffee

Bad news if you are allergic to sport! Physical activity remains a good way to regulate its biological age. Dr. Hyman follows a routine of bodybuilding, which he says helped him build muscle and reduce back pain. ” Previously, I did yoga, tennis or walking. The workout has really transformed my body and my health “, did he declare. Here again, scientific studies and doctors are unanimous: moving is essential to prevent diseases related to overweight and to stay healthy.

A breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats

food is necessarily part of the parameters if you want to improve your longevity! For Dr. Hyman, a good breakfast is accompanied by plants, healthy fats and of protein. He relies in particular on red fruits, chia and hemp seeds.

He reminds us that proteins are essential for maintaining muscles. There are lean meats such as poultry if you want quality protein, but also fish and legumes if you want to fill up on vegetable protein.

The most important things are exercise and a diet with healthy fats and plant foodsDr. Hyman concluded. No amount of supplements can replace them “.

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