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The Energy Vampire is that friend who complains all the time and only contacts you when he’s down. Explanations.

Do you know what an “energy vampire” is? The “energy vampire” (in French version) is the latest topic of discussion on TikTok. In short, this is an emotionally draining “friend”…

How to recognize an “energy vampire”? On social networks, influencers multiply the “warning signs” to identify. First, the “energy vampire” is negative : in his life, nothing is going right, he spends his time complaining, the whole world wants him down, he is unlucky… and all the solutions you offer him are systematically rejected.

Energy vampire: the technique of the broken wing to protect yourself from it

Second, the “energy vampire” is selfish : it asks for attention and empathy, but offers no support in return. When you are going badly, this “friend” is an absent subscriber. He is not interested in your passions, your entourage, or your projects: he is the one who counts, and him alone.

Third, the “energy vampire” is exhausting : after a day in his company, you feel exhausted, exhausted, drained of all energy. Overwhelmed by negativity, you may even feel stressed, anxious or sad.

Do you know an “energy vampire”? Be careful: this toxic friendship can lead to low self-esteem, depression or even social isolation. The best, according to Christiane Northrup, author of Dodging Energy Vampires (and interviewed by our colleagues from NBC News), is still to practice the “broken wing” technique: “when an” energy vampire “tries to ask, tell him you’re feeling down or tired; he’ll probably go elsewhere, since you have no energy to offer him.”

Source :NBC News

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