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Throughout the summer, from July 1 to August 27, 2023, the editorial staff of your Top Santé magazine will present the Health Book column on France Inter. Stay hydrated during the heat, avoid weight gain during the holidays, take care of your eyes in the summer… You will find all our advice during the morning broadcast on weekends for a total of 18 chronicles!

Every weekend from July 1 to August 27, 2023your magazine Top Santé will be present on France Inter to animate the Health Book column! The 18 chronicles will be presented by our journalists, Celine Augier and Christelle Mosca-Ferrazza.

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Top Health on France Inter with Céline Augier and Christelle Mosca-Ferrazza

The opportunity to find the best advice of our editorial team in order to continue to take care of you during the summer holidays.

After the remedies against motion sickness and the advice to keep the line on vacation, our journalists help you take care of your eyes in the summer. The column was broadcast on Sunday July 16 on France Inter and is already available for replay.

Sunglasses: what criteria to choose them well?

The lens and the cornea already provide natural filtration of the sun’s rays, but wearing sunglasses avoids glare and dangers invisible to the naked eye. “, explains Céline Augier. The journalist refers to ultraviolet rays and blue light notably. In addition, the glasses also preserve physical attacks what are the wind, the sand, the dust, the pollen… Attacks with which we often have to do during the summer holidays.

By abusing the sun, the cornea can become inflamed, this is called keratitiswarns Céline Augier. And, rarer but very painful, ophthalmia can also occur. It’s a kind of sunburn of the eye caused by too much exposure without protection “. However, it occurs more in the mountains because the reverberation is more powerful.

What must be remembered is that the eyes are like the skin: the more one exposes oneself, the more the risk of premature aging intervenes. ” This leads to the cataracta faster decline in sight, AMD etc … “, adds the journalist.

To prevent these inconveniences, there is nothing like wearing sunglasses. To choose them, do not take into account the color of the glasses. Contrary to what one might think, it is not linked to the protection index. You have to trust the degree of filtration ranked from 0 to 4: The higher the index, the more it reduces the light intensity. For the summer, it is better to count on a category 3 “, details Céline Augier.

To find out more, Top Santé gives you go to the replay of the chronicle, available on France Inter. Another column broadcast on July 15 on France Inter gives the keys to staying hydrated, which can be just as useful during hot weather!

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