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Throughout the summer, from July 1 to August 27, 2023, the editorial staff of your Top Santé magazine will present the Health Book column on France Inter. Choosing the right sunglasses, the essentials of the summer first aid kit, avoiding weight gain during the holidays… You will find all our advice during the morning broadcast on weekends for a total of 18 chronicles!

Every weekend from July 1 to August 27, 2023, your Top Santé magazine will be present on France Inter to animate the column Health book ! The 18 chronicles will be presented by our journalists, Celine Augier and Christelle Mosca-Ferrazza.

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Top Health on France Inter

The opportunity to find the best advice from our editorial staff in order to continue to take care of yourself during the summer holidays.

After the choice of sunglasses and the essentials to take on vacation, our journalists help you to thwart the traps of summer to avoid returning from leave with extra pounds ! The column was broadcast Saturday July 8 on France Inter and is already available in replay.

Staying fit on vacation: a few pitfalls to avoid!

Between aperitifs, barbecues and dining out, there are plenty of opportunities to eat and drink in summer! However, you can learn to make the right choices in order to enjoy your holidays without having to come home with three extra kilos. Christelle Mosca-Ferrazza helps you choose the right alternatives. ” We can find a solution to every problem! Often the aperitifs in summer are very fatty: sausages, crisps, peanuts… Be careful with alcohol also and especially with rosé which seems lighter than wines while it is just as caloric (100 calories for a glass) . The solution ? Favor raw vegetables, vegetable juices and fruit kefirs “. The latter is an excellent fermented drink for your intestinal microbiota.

What about gourmet buffets often offered in hotels? Here too, Christelle shares the good tip with you: “ Take a plate and fill it with one-third vegetables, one-third starch and one-third protein. And don’t refill “. You then have a full and satisfying plate. In dessertbet on sorbets or fruit plates.

We can allow ourselves deviations, either for dessert or for the dish, but not both! And we compensate by doing sports “. In the afternoon, try betting on physical activity that make the cardio work like cycling or hiking.

Do not panic ! It is not forbidden to have fun during the holidays. It’s even very important if you want to start your back to school in a relaxed way. It is enough to make the best choices and not to chain the deviations at each meal. Dry sausage or grison meat? Tarama or tzatziki? Christelle answers you in the column broadcast on July 8 and available in replay on France Inter!

A second column aired on July 9 on France Inter discusses how to better manage the travel sicknesswhich can be just as useful during this summer season!

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