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Summer vacation is looming. Discover our selection of books to take in your suitcase to perfect your sunny afternoons. And if you couldn’t leave, some novels will make you travel! Polar, personal development, testimonials… Dig into the latest news.

There reading is one of the most popular pastimes for French people on vacation. Regularly, the online travel agency Opodo asks the French, Germans and English about their reading behaviour. And these are the French who come first of the rank.

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In fact, among the 4,000 respondents to a previous survey, 2,200 agreed more time for books in the summer. In the lead, France and 90% of its respondents who say they read more during their holidays. And this, ahead of the English (84%) followed closely by the Germans (82%).

Another study Youboox of 2019 claimed that during the summer holidays, two-thirds of French people read more than the rest of the yearand especially the women.

Reading: proven benefits!

The French can continue to maintain their good reading habits during the summer holidays.

In addition to being beneficial for brain health, books have the gift of rest the mind and help fight anxiety. They improve the quality of sleep and even make it easier to fall asleep.

Reading is indeed a real brain sport which stimulates mental abilities while having fun. Reading a book is comparable to exercising the brain which, practiced regularly, strengthens the intellect and helps fight against the aging of nerve cells. Many studies show that reading is an effective way to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease preserving memory capacity.

Over the long term, an assiduous reader notices an improvement in his concentration and his attention, as well as an enrichment of his vocabulary.

So don’t forget to slip a few novels in your suitcase this summer. If you want to dive into the waiting room of Cochin hospital in the midst of a hostage situation or into the clinic of Doctor H, in which a patient died in suspicious circumstances, our selection will make you shiver to the edge of the swimming pool !

As for lovers of personal development and guilt-free books, they will find their account just as much. Scroll through our slideshow to prepare for your literary summer!

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2/12 –

Two by two, Laure Cabanes (ed. The mail of the book)
Laure Cabanes, cardiologist at Cochin Hospital, signs here her second medical thriller. If you like hostage-taking stories where the role of each protagonist is decisive, this novel is for you. Meet in the waiting room of the Cardiology Department of Cochin Hospital. The patients are numerous that day and are waiting their turn, when hooded and armed men burst into the room. Patients will have to redouble their efforts to get out of this hell.
Publication: June 2023

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3/12 –

Without return, Danielle Steel (ed. Presse de la Cité)
Four great American doctors who do not know each other are invited to Paris to discuss their practices with colleagues. At the same time, a hostage-taking in a school upsets their plans. Their fates may well be linked forever. With 80 best-sellers published in France, Danielle Steel still carries us away with her very own writing that reads itself. We are forced to attach ourselves to his passionate and courageous characters who live through dramas but keep their heads held high.
Publication 03/03/2022

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4/12 –

Deregulated, Francine Oomen (ed. Presses De La Cité)
At 52, Francine no longer recognizes herself: hot flashes, mood swings, white page syndrome… Until she identifies the cause of her problems. Menopause ! With sincerity and humour, she talks to us about this dreaded period by playing down the drama with the keys to accepting it and letting go.
Publication 06/04/2023

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5/12 –

Angelique, Guillaume Musso (ed. Calmann Levy)
Mathias Taillefer wakes up in a hospital room after a heart attack. An unknown girl stands at his bedside. She’s a student who came to play the cello for patients on a voluntary basis. When she learns that Mathias works in the police, she asks him to take over a rather special investigation. A deadly gear awaits them both.
Release 09/20/2022

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6/12 –

Asterix by Psychology (Reworld Media)
This mook Psychologies x Asterix published in partnership with Albert René editions, invites us to reflect on our society. Fraternity, small and large complexes, festivity… The stories of Asterix remain fine pretexts for discussing all subjects. Most ? Interviews with psychology experts: Isabelle Filliozat, Pr. Robert Neuburger, Pr. Christophe Lançon, Dr. Nayla Chidiac, Dr. Moussa Nabati, etc. With more than 30 games to activate your brain this summer!
On newsstands since July 7, 2023

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7/12 –

The art of linking beings, Paolo Milone (ed. Calmann Levy)
You are about to enter Service 77, the psychiatric emergency unit of the Genoa hospital where, through dramatic, tender and tragic moments, the doctor Paolo Milone sweeps away received ideas about mental health with a compelling novel.
Publication 08/03/2023

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8/12 –

Formidable, Benoit Cohen (ed. Flammarion)
10 years later, Benoit Cohen looks back on his father’s death from pancreatic cancer. He tells how, accompanied by his mother and brothers, he tried to prevent his dad from suffering. A story that questions the way we have the right to die in France.
Publication 01/03/2023

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9/12 –

[On ne s’en lasse pas] The Clinic of Doctor H, Mary Higgins Clark (Paperback)
Katie DeMaio, a young assistant district attorney in a small town in New Jersey, finds herself hospitalized after a car accident. In the clinic, she sees – or thinks she sees – in the middle of the night, a familiar figure carrying the body of an inanimate woman in a car. The woman is found the next day, dead in her bed, allegedly a victim of suicide. Katie then decides to find out the truth, even if it means putting herself in danger. Died at the age of 92 on January 31, 2020, Mary Higgins Clark continues to live through her novels and proves to us that her reputation as “queen of suspense” is not due to chance!
“The Clinic of Doctor H” appeared in our bookstores for the first time in 1980 but has been reprinted several times. It’s hard to imagine a summer without a Mary Higgins Clark novel!
Release 1980

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10/12 –

[On ne s’en lasse pas] I’m Better, David Foenkinos (Folio ed.)
The narrator has everything to be happy: a fulfilling job in an architect’s office and a loving wife. Until the day he wakes up with an inexplicable back pain. X-rays and MRIs, however, did not reveal anything abnormal. He must therefore face the facts: what if the pain fell within the psychological sphere? The narrator takes us on a long quest to make him understand what is wrong with his life, even if it means going back very far in the past.
Publication: 04.01.2018

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11/12 –

[On ne s’en lasse pas] Perfect mother, Casey B. Dolan (ed. Denoël)
Amber is found dead, euthanized at the hospital where she was being treated for a very aggressive cancer. Three men saw Amber the night she died: Wade, her estranged husband, Tyler, her hostile son, and Joshua, Tyler’s best friend who had grown close to Amber. Everyone had reasons to kill her, whether out of love or hate. When the truth comes out, all illusions are shattered.
Released 15-01-2015

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12/12 –

[On ne s’en lasse pas] What Roses Live By, Mary Higgins Clark (Paperback)
Mary Higgins Clark portrays a plastic surgeon who gives women the face of his murdered daughter. So much so that Kerry McGrath, in the waiting room, recognized on two patients different traits that are familiar to him. Assistant district attorney, Kerry had helped convict the victim’s husband. Today, she is preparing to reopen an investigation that could jeopardize her life as well as that of her little girl.
Release 01/14/1998

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