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With the high temperatures of recent days, many people regret not having air conditioning at home. So we explain to you how to refresh the air in your home to better withstand high temperatures.

Even if we have not yet faced what Météo France calls a “heat apocalypse”, the high temperatures we are currently experiencing, including in the North of France, sometimes make us regret not having installed air conditioning at home. Maos, as Ademe reminds us, “he There are many alternatives to air conditioning to effectively cool your premises, including the use of an efficient ventilation system or the installation of passive solar protection”.

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How to withstand the high heat?

With a few simple good habits, it is possible to naturally refresh your interior to better cope with the hot weather. The first reflex to adopt today if you had forgotten it since last summer: drink at least one bottle of water a day. Because the first risk, in case of heat, remains dehydration.

  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Avoid exertion, especially during the hottest hours of the day
  • Spend several hours a day in a cool place
  • Eat enough (for example one of these recipes for gazpachos and cold soups)
  • In case of emergency or illness, call 15.

>> Stay alert to the symptoms of heat stroke: red, hot and dry skin (without perspiration), intense headaches, nausea and/or vomiting, incoherent speech and/or confusion, a feeling of discomfort… It is then imperative to call the SAMU (15 or 112).

How do you keep rooms cool?

If you have sun protection (blinds, shutters), use them! By preventing the sun from beating on the windows, you will more easily keep the freshness of your interior space.

Think of ventilate the house during the cooler hours (especially in the morning on arrival) and close the windows during the hottest hours.

Why air conditioning is not a good idea

Against the increasing episodes of high heat, many of us want to invest in “the” easy solution: air conditioning. Yes, but here it is: it is not ideal for health. First, for the throat and the eyes, which find themselves irritated and dried out by this constant flow of conditioned air.

Then, for allergies: indeed, the constant mixing of air (often in an enclosed space) promotes the circulation of allergens (pollen, animal hair, etc.) which can aggravate symptoms in allergic people.

Worse: according to specialists, poorly maintained air conditioning can quickly become… a veritable nest of bacteria! The filters become clogged with dust, the water condensation tank becomes populated with bacteria and mold, and all these undesirables are released into the atmosphere.

>> If you still opt for air conditioning: fix it at most 4℃ below the outside temperature and not drop below 26℃. If the temperature difference between the air-conditioned room and the outside is too great, there is a risk of thermal shock.

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