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Sleep in pajamas, use a hot water bottle, take a foot bath… Here are 9 tips for getting to sleep despite abnormally high temperatures!

It’s summer, the weather is nice… and especially hot! If we appreciate the sun and the blue sky during the afternoon, things get complicated in the evening, especially at bedtime: how to find sleep when the temperature in the room categorically refuses to drop?

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Precisely: our British colleagues from the Daily Mail questioned several experts (psychologist, meteorologist, sleep doctor, etc.) on the question. Here are their tips – sometimes unusual, but always effective:

  • Use a hot water bottle. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s totally logical: before going to bed, put yourself under a blanket with a very hot hot water bottle. When you go to bed, your body temperature will naturally come down…which will help you get to sleep.
  • Take a foot bath. This grandmother’s trick works on the same principle as the previous one: before going to sleep, soak your feet in a basin of warm or hot water. When you take them out of the water, the cooling sensation you will feel will be conducive to sleep.
  • Create a stream of fresh air. Place a bowl full of ice cubes in front of your bedroom fan: that’s a great way to get some cool air without air conditioning!
  • Put your pajamas in the freezer. Unusual? Yes. But damn effective at repelling the heat! This trick also works with your pillowcase.
  • Don’t sleep naked. Again, this may seem surprising. And yet: the fabric of the pajamas (provided it is cotton) absorbs sweat, which helps to cool the skin. An absorption that does not happen if you sleep in Eve’s or Adam’s outfit…
  • Fall asleep with wet hair. Be careful not to catch a cold though!
  • Test a refreshing breath. Sitali breathing (or Sitali Pranayama) is a yoga technique that cools the body. Concretely: sit down with your back straight and breathe through your mouth. On the inhale, roll your tongue like a “straw” and suck the air through it.
  • Avoid spicy dinners. It’s well known: spices tend to raise body temperature. Undesirable in hot weather…
  • Sleep alone. Of course: when you sleep together, the body heat of one comes to warm the other. If possible, it is better to do “separate sheets” until the temperatures become bearable again!

Source :DailyMail

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