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Do you think you have tried everything to dive into the arms of Morpheus despite the heat? Top Santé shares the advice of a neurologist, sleep specialist.

It’s a fact, the heat hinders our sleep. This is normal, because the body needs to cool down by 0.5°C to fall asleep. Fortunately, there are ways to sleep better when the temperatures reach their peak. Top Santé takes stock with the Dr. Marc Rey, neurologist, sleep specialist and President of the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV).

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Keep your room as cool as possible

If you have trouble getting quality sleep in the summer, it’s related to thermoregulation. The body needs to cool down by 0.5°C to sleep. However, during a heat wave or very hot weather, it is difficult to evacuate the heat.

Heat also affects the quality of sleep due to its effects vasodilators : it dilates the vessels, which hinders blood circulation. Conversely, cool slows blood circulation thanks to its vasoconstrictor powers, which facilitates falling asleep and recovery. Therefore, we recommend a temperature of 17°C for a bedroom.

Alas, not everyone is equipped with a air conditioner or an interior that stays cool. If you can’t cool your bedroom down and get to sleep, follow Dr. Marc Rey’s advice.

Keep the place where you sleep as cool as possible “, recommends the doctor. Ventilate in the morning, open your windows, and close your shutters the rest of the day to curb the heat.

The shower will cool your body temperature

In addition, the neurologist also recommends a cool shower before going to bed. It can help you cool down your body temperature. The shower can also have a soothing effect. If in summer, the cool shower is recommended, do not opt ​​for a too hot bath in winter. ” By accelerating blood circulation, the hot bath boosts the body. It facilitates the morning rise of your temperature. It is not recommended before bedtime », explains our expert.

Place damp laundry in front of a fan

Finally, if you do not have air conditioning, you can bring a fan and place a laundry wet in front, advises Dr. Rey.

Sleep: watch out for screens

Also consider turn off the screens at night. Not only do they constitute a source of heat, but above all, they disturb sleep.

The blue light emitted by screens will block your melatonin secretion – whether it’s hot or not. It is a hormone that is secreted when it is dark. Its secretion stops when it is daytime, so when the sky turns blue. So, in the evening, you send a signal, ‘it’s morning’ by looking at the screens. You will inevitably have difficulty starting at night “warns the sleep doctor.

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