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Can’t find time for physical activity during the week? According to a study conducted by researchers from Massachusetts (USA), playing a sport on the weekend provides similar benefits for the heart as regular exercise.

We all know it: in addition to adopting a balanced dietit is recommended to practice regular physical activity if you want to keep your heart healthy. ” This is explained by the many protective actions that physical activity has on the heart: improving blood fluidity (reducing the risk of the formation of clots in the arteries), the reduction in the oxygen needs of the heart during physical exertion or even the drop in cardiac frequency at rest as well as during exercise (less stress on the heart) “, assures the French Federation of Cardiology.

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It is sometimes difficult to combine sports sessions with a professional life, just as it is difficult to find motivation during the week.

There good newsis that concentrating your efforts over a weekend would be just as beneficial for the system cardiovascular than if you exercise every day. This is the finding of researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (USA). Published in the journal JAMAa new study has proven that concentrating physical activity over two days is just as beneficial for the heart than to spread out the sessions from Monday to Sunday.

All week, or only the weekend, the main thing is to move!

The researchers wanted to determine if the benefits on the heart are the same, depending on the distribution of the exercises over the week. The researchers conducted their tests on 89,573 attendees who wore accelerometers on their wrist: 42.2% were seasoned athletes on weekends only. In concrete terms, they practiced at least 150 minutes of sport per week, at least half of which in one to two days. At the same time, 24.0% were regular assets who evenly spread their sessions over seven days.

The researchers observed a similar reduction in the risk of heart problems in both groups: weekend workers and weekday workers had a 27% and 35% risk of heart disease, respectively. heart attack less compared to sedentary people, 38% and 36% risk ofheart failure less, 22% and 19% risk of atrial fibrillation less and 21% and 17% risk ofstroke less.

Researchers point out how essential physical activity is to staying healthy. Don’t have time during the week? Concentrate your efforts on weekends only. The main thing is to move.

Our results suggest that interventions to increase physical activity, even when focused on one or two days per week, can improve cardiovascular outcomes. said lead author Dr. Patrick T. Ellinor, acting chief of cardiology and co-director of the Corrigan Minehan Heart Center at the MGH, in a statement.

The future mission of scientists? Check if this observation is the same to reduce the risk of cancer or other illnesses.

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